Fully Boosted – Episode 37

Fully Boosted: A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast.  Episode 37 – This week, we discuss the 2nd round of CID changes to Grymkin, the Legion and Gator theme forces, spoilers for the Ret command book, and some other nonsense about the forums.

NOTE: This podcast was recorded a few weeks ago but life got in the way of it being edited and released on time, so most of the information isn’t new or current, but we took the time to record it so I’m going to release it.

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Author: Fully_Boosted

Fully Boosted is an explicit Warmachine/Hordes podcast based out of Southern New Jersey. It is hosted by Grant Richey, Jim Forney (Brad Park starting in Episode 24), and Ryan Hoffman - occasionally with others from the SJ/Philly Warmachine community. Our podcast is designed to bring a competitive perspective from newer players trying to break into the scene.

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