Fully Boosted – Codices of Caen: Trollbloods

Introducing Codices of Caen, a side project by our own Brad Park! In each episode, Brad will be joined by a member of the community and go over EVERY caster for a faction and discuss where or how to use each one. In this episode, John Henry joins Brad to do a full breakdown of the Trollbloods warlocks!

Timestamps for each Warlock: Borka1 (1:00), Borka2 (5:20), Calandra (10:55), Doomshaper1 (19:20), Doomshaper2 (25:35), Doomshaper3 (30:00), Grim1 (36:07), Grim2 (41:52), Grissel1 (46:34), Grissel2 (56:09), Gunnbjorn (1:00:07), Horgle2 (1:03:50), Kolgrima (1:08:22), Madrak1 (1:17:32), Madrak2 (1:23:15), Madrak3 (1:26:18), Ragnor (1:32:11), Jarl (1:36:00)


Author: Fully_Boosted

Fully Boosted is an explicit Warmachine/Hordes podcast based out of Southern New Jersey. It is hosted by Grant Richey, Ryan Hoffman, Brad Park and Pete Ceretti - occasionally with others from the South Jersey/Philadelphia Warmachine community. Our podcast is designed to bring a competitive perspective from newer players trying to break into the scene.

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