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Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: MoM Episode 337
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:45:25 AM »
Is everything okay in the land of Muse on Minis? It's been a month of radio silence.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse on Minis Episode 304
« on: March 20, 2017, 10:08:54 PM »
Thanks Keith, I've been looking forward to this since 303 dropped!

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse on Minis 294
« on: January 06, 2017, 09:12:04 AM »
My big concern is that the nerfed bat seems to swing too easily, especially on newer models. The 2 point cost increase on some chassis actually invalidates spam purchases for tournament play because you can't field all those models now. Some of this is starting to feel like a cash grab..una2 griffon  spam is probably next.

This is nonsense.  It really bothers me that people think first that its a bad thing for game companies to make money, since that's what helps us actually continue to have a game.  However, more importantly, if it was a cash grab they would just NOT change it.  Its easy for them to have said that they were waiting another 6-12 months to see how it shakes out.  How many more Mad Dogs do you think they'd sell over the next 6-12 months if that list was still viable?  I'm sure they'd sell a lot more models than having an errata.

Also, while I'm sort of ranting here, it would be great if people could understand the difference between "invalidated" and "non-optimal" (or "sub-optimal").

I said invalidated because mad dogs were 7 points and are now 9 points.  Pre-errata Karchev could take 15 mad dogs now he can take 11. That has nothing to do with sub-optimal and everything to do with no longer being able to field 15 mad dogs in tournament setting, which is what I said. 4 mad dogs can no longer be fielded.

I am all for PP making money, they have a ton of mine as it is and I continue to give them money. My concern is that the obviously strong spam combinations are released into the wild and then 6 - 12 months later are nerfed to the point they can't be fielded.

Examples of this.  The new winterguard point reduction combined with winterguard rockets weapon attachment.  Some khador players will go out and spend their money to make a spam list based on the point synergy.  If PP increases the cost of the weapon attachments to say 3 points or limits the number that can be fielded to 12 after 6 months I would feel that is a cash grab as people would be left with rocketeers they can't use.  If the rocketeers were nerfed by reducing the shots to pow 10s or changing the range to 10 that would sting a bit but is more around balancing.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse on Minis 294
« on: January 06, 2017, 08:41:23 AM »
Great podcast guys! I share your sentiments on the grading of this Errata.

 PP seems to have multiple developers handling the same task but independently. Karcher nerfed and the berserker chassis point increase is an example of where they only needed one of the changes and it should have been Karcher. Too offset the point increase they could have increased the MAT on berserker chassis to 6.

Cryx was still left on the shelf because of tough rules combined with poor defensive stats. They could change the name to Pirate Raiders...they mentioned stealth and defensive options. Something that could help is giving raider captains force barrier for friendly faction in cmd bubble or make it some other solo for the undead. Or stealth.

My big concern is that the nerfed bat seems to swing too easily, especially on newer models. The 2 point cost increase on some chassis actually invalidates spam purchases for tournament play because you can't field all those models now. Some of this is starting to feel like a cash grab..una2 griffon  spam is probably next.

Only time will tell. Here's hoping things become more stable.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse 292
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:37:57 AM »
Cryx was a dominant force in mk2 that needed to be addressed, but it was also one of the most heavily played factions. If 30%of your opponents are cryx and the tournament software naturally tries to pair up different factions then of course they will have a greater chance of appearing in  the later rounds.

Cryx was triple tapped lol. First shooting was brought up even more than it was before.  Second,  cryx's ability to cross the table was nerfed by making satyr is required prayers..dropping desperate pace, removing stealth from bane warriors..slowing down  Bane cave  (LOL what a waste of money). Then they decided to take another shot and nerfed the recursion and the models that enable it. But wait there's add insult to injury..the glass cannon faction is now mostly just the glass mechanithralls, brute thralls, Bane knights, bile thralls, incorporeal and scything touch got nerfed.

They lobbed a grenade on the faction and blew up some of the castersa too.

Though Raiders did get gang which I really like and venethrax got a good buff.

I'll be interested to see what the new changes are next month. I get that as a part of balancing sometimes you need to take something out behind the shed and give it a good kicking...but you also need to be able to see when it's gone overboard and the neighbors are starting to talk.  Example being skorne...

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse 292
« on: December 19, 2016, 08:10:42 PM »
I thought this was a good cast but there was some odd stalling in the conversations.

 I totally agree with Nigel about the issue of warmachine spells in hordes becoming overpowered.  It feels like there's a break in communication with the develovers at privateer press and as a result things get over buffed or excessively nerfed.  Like with gaspy2, it was as if three people went off to find ways to bring him down a peg and then they just blindly added it to the card without looking at what each of them wrote before publishing the changes.

Feedback is a good thing, I think you guys do a good job of not getting overly salty or being privateer press fan boys. The rants are very tongue in cheek which is the charm of your podcast.

Keep up the good work!

Warmachine and Hordes General / Bane Riders
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:31:29 PM »
Can anyone give me some insight into why bane riders got double nerfed? They're speed 7 with a melee reach of 1 inch. They're basically out threatened by all other cavalry models?

Curse is a moot point because cav are boosted on the charge..i guess the mounts benefit but will they ever get there? Thoughts?

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Mark 3 Confirmed
« on: April 13, 2016, 08:39:57 PM »
I wonder how deep into MK4 design they are.

Balls deep...that's why there's no more page 5.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Mark 3 Confirmed
« on: April 11, 2016, 07:43:03 PM »
Poor Reinholdt, his spyglass ability is now invalid. :(

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Discussions about spamming model/units
« on: December 01, 2015, 03:04:11 PM »
The issue with spam lists is that it's a heavy skew of a type of model/unit/jack that can be difficult to counter because an allcomers list only has so much resources to counter specific problems.

Really spam is just another form of skewing a list to ask a very big question.  If that question is high armor attached to many boxes, that can be difficult for some factions to answer.

Shocktrooper spam isn't as effective as warders and champions because they're slower, cost more points per model and aren't supported as well when compared to warders. 

To keep this thread on the positive i think the player needs to identify the tools available in their list to counter certain questions.  Also, how a list is played can affect an outcome. E.g. jamming a brick so it can barely advance can give a scenario advantage. 

Light warbeast spam can be much more difficult to handle, especially if there is a point reduction given. 

Weaponmasters can be a good response to this, or high arm jacks/warbeasts that are resilient to the counter attack.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: OZ Machine 51?
« on: November 17, 2015, 01:16:07 PM »
I hope that's not the case, those guys run my favorite podcast.

Warmachine and Hordes General / OZ Machine 51?
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:38:16 AM »
Is OzMachine on haitus to play Guild Ball?

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse on Minis #244
« on: November 12, 2015, 05:20:18 PM »
I have to commend you guys for not running a kickstarter (as far as i know) to get these tokens developed. I can't wait to see the legion, menoth, cryx, etc tokens!!

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: MUSE 239
« on: October 10, 2015, 03:19:15 PM »
Hearing about all of doomy3's abilities i think this warcaster was possibly a step in the wrong direction for this game. It encourages high arm spam even more in the current meta.  I'm not sure what PP can do to fix this armor power creep moving forward without creating a remix of the rules. 

How saeryn and rhyas were created at the same time as kromac2 and doomy3 boggles my mind. I think we're headed toward a lot of slow grind attrition games in the future.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: MUSE 239
« on: October 09, 2015, 09:19:18 AM »
I love the nicknames you guys come up with. I'm not done listening to the podcast but I've noticed some self-censorship which is probably thanks to an earlier thread/rant about nicknames like turbodouche.  I say bring them on, they're fun and this podcast is about a game after all! ;D

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse 234
« on: August 28, 2015, 01:46:03 PM »
I thought this podcast was great.  There were a lot of opinions being voiced and while Josh may have been a little loud, he sure as hell was passionate about his issues.  Same with Nigel, i could see valid points from both sides of the fence.

I agree that the Haley2 nerf was necessary and right now she's dropped down in competitiveness...with some changes in playstyle she could find her niche and come back up but she won't be the best caster in the game.

The whole timing with WTC and the errata was unfortunate. If PP was running late on releasing the errata they could have told the WTC or made a conscious decision to wait on the release. This is their game but the wtc is an event that generates a lot of publicity and has a lot of money invested. The whole benefit to the rest of the community argument is valid but haley 2 and denny 2 players were already being ostracized in casual game environments. Would this change things that dradtically for them over night? I'm not sure. 

Fun times all around. Hopedully there aren't too many more nerfs to go out and instead buffs are handed out to other weak kossites and grotesques.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Aug 2015 Errata is out
« on: August 24, 2015, 09:57:55 PM »
Some podcasts have been commenting that all the factions seem to be getting more tools to create different skew armies instead of building up their strengths more. 

Could these nerfs be to make the game more fun for new players coming over from age of sigmar? Is PP making the game more vanilla in order to broaden their player base?

The disadvantage of deathclock is that certain play styles favor it more than others. Cryx infantry spam makes for some hastey decisions when compared to double colossal lists.  Some factions are simply designed to play that way.  Also, some casters can draw out the time, e.g. haley2 on her feat turn.

I am not sure what you mean, is it that deathclock is better for large armies or small armies?  :)

Haley 2 I think that is a good case where deathclock formats can help. Unless you have a dual timer at the table so the Haley player eats into their next turn on their timer, in a timed turn format you basically have to pause the clock. While that time is not coming off your clock it is coming off the tournament round clock. Without deathclock how do you penalize that player for taking too long on their decisions as there is no penalty for the other player to dither unless it is probably blatantly excessive.

I am trying to say that deathclock typically rewards the player with a lower model count that has higher quality attacks.   I find haley2 gives a lot of opponents pause when affected by her feat, that is remedied more through practice.

If your opponent immediately gains a control point on deathclock and then gains for each minute in excess of that the max amount of extra time is 9 minutes if it comes down to the wire and both opponents have effectively clocked themselves.

The disadvantage of deathclock is that certain play styles favor it more than others. Cryx infantry spam makes for some hastey decisions when compared to double colossal lists.  Some factions are simply designed to play that way.  Also, some casters can draw out the time, e.g. haley2 on her feat turn.

I don't think that deathclock is a bad thing but it feels like the old killbox rule where a lapse in judgement could be an automatic loss.

Here's an idea. Instead of deathclock being an automatic win condition, have it give your opponent an extra control point for each minute you exceed the death clock timer by.

Also, declare intentions at the beginning of the game...clean, fast and loose for the first round, beer machine. What ever it is, communicate with your opponent to make sure you're both on the same page for expectations before either one of you is in the heat of the moment tapping a clock over when they aren't expecting it.  Heck, even if you don't communicate it at the beginning, let them know that they're tight on time and you're going to be critical of that time. 

Trent also mentioned flooding the zone which would have been effectively the same thing.  I disagree, if it would have been the same thing, then do it and use your time to jam the zone and put those models in position. That way the act of actually jamming to take up his time would have been clear, instead of using the time to mark down damage on a card to try and death clock.

All that being said I love the podcast guys!

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: MoM 218 discussion
« on: May 11, 2015, 06:53:15 PM »
MOW get a much worse Rep than deserved. Those Bombardiers un Vlad2's Feat with Hand of fate kill a surprising amount of casters from 17 inches away.

I also own a unit of bombadiers, i agree they can have their moments but I haven't found they can fit in the same range of lists as models like incindiarii, warders, champions, centratii etc.

A retooling can help to avoid creating excessive bloat with each model release or at least level the playing field a little better.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: MoM 218 discussion
« on: May 10, 2015, 10:11:00 PM »
I have to agree with Nigel that warmahordes needs a shake up.  The problem that I'm feeling with the game is that there seems to be a handful of powerful tools in the form of casters (ehaley, phaley, egaspy), theme forces (bradigus, body and soul) and skews (CoC recursion, high arm spam). It has become a game of rock, paper, stormwall and if you brought the wrong list life will be tough. With more recent releases the over all meta shift from single wound infantry has become more apparent thanks to models like the sacral vault and colossals that can spam aoe's or covering fire.

I would like to see a mk2.5, the base rules are pretty good but some casters need to be elevated and others brought down a notch. There's no way to perfectly balance all the models but when you compare bombadiers to's just sad and an example of a unit that needs a real rules fix not just a point drop.

Hmm another Def 14 ARM 17 caster? or will menoth get spoiled with a 15/17 caster instead? Can't wait to see the full model!

Unfortunately I find two brush blending to be very frustrating where I live due to the very dry climate. Though I have heard that watering down the paint using hard water can also contribute to my frustrations so I will be looking into mixing with distilled water.

I'll definitely have to pick up some of those Vallejo airs soon as you can always eliminate that gloss with a matte spray finish.

I'll have to order some in my cryx color scheme.  I tried the P3 (black label) gold metallic today with a 3:1 ratio of airbrush medium to paint and I found that it still clogged, i'll experiment with the tip sizes to see if I can figure it out. 

Thanks for the insight guys.

What do you guys think of the Vallejo Model Air paints compared to the Minitaire line? I think reaper also has a series of airbrush paints.

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse Prime 214
« on: April 03, 2015, 05:51:34 PM »
Good point...  Thank goodness they have another reach character jack that can get some work done!

Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Muse Prime 214
« on: April 03, 2015, 04:48:18 PM »
To be fair, Khador has a decent amount of MAT Fixing across a couple different Warcasters, Flare is definitely niche (but a godsend when you need it), but to me the biggest thing in the "Pros" column for Spriggan is that it has reach.  It is also has the hardest hitting Charge attack (which is easier to set up with Reach) out of Khador jacks (minus Conquest).

Spriggan is P+S 18, Juggernaut is P+S 19, so is Beast 09, marauder can combosmite to P+S 20, Behemoth is armor piercing P+S 12.. not the hardest hitting jack unless I am missing a special rule?

Are the black label paints Adam mentioned the metallics? or is it for the whole line? I have an airbrush and the tip always gets clogged with a mix of 2/3rds airbrush medium to 1/3rd paint. 


Warmachine and Hordes General / Re: Reckoning!
« on: March 15, 2015, 02:30:57 PM »
Any new rumors surrounding the character Cryx jack yet? Considering how strong Dynamo and Ruin are, I wonder if it'll have burrow after all...

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