Firestorm Effect Episode #3

Firestorm Effect Podcast


Welcome Gamers!

Firestorm Effect is a brand new Warmachine and Hordes podcast based out of the South Wales Gaming Centre in Cardiff, Wales. We think we’re a little bit different because we have a team of WMH players of varying experiences – from Master to Noob.

Welcome to Episode 3, hosted by Martyn Jenkins and joined by Marc Morgan, Terry Slade and Dani Abram. We have a special guest with us for this episode: The Wanderer Byron Liles. We squee over Welsh Master, Lock and Load and hear all about it from the horses mouth PLUS some Welsh Masters 2016 SPOILERS! <3




00:00 Welcome!

00:01 The Welsh Masters 2015

00:18 Health, Endurance, War!

00:36 Interview with Matt Goligher, the winner of Welsh Masters 2015

00:40 Lock and Load

00:43 Byron Liles Hits America

01:30 Iron Gauntlet, Jamie P and the final.


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