Immunity to Cold – Episode 9 is live!

Sorry for the delay guys! Spenser works security, and there are tons of summer events - I work in restoration so with all of the flash rain falls I've been busy working evenings and weekends so it's left little time for the hobby.

In this episode we talk about the Glacier king and break down all of it's abilities and talk about what we believe (at first glance) will be the best interactions with specific casters.

We move on to Zaal 2 and talk about his interactions with his army.

We then get into an impromptu conversation about painting. We get into selecting a paint scheme and how to stay motivated.

Thanks again for your patience guys! Always appreciated and we thank you for the support and for listening! 

As always, any feedback or episode suggestions are always welcome!
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Author: Immunity To Cold

We are a western Canadian podcast group based out of Calgary, Alberta.

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