Epic FM Episode 8

In this episode the Yorkshire trio of Paul, Brett and Gav look at the 2nd WTC trial day, a run down of the Welsh open that involves us looking at a few crunchy topics rather than tons of battle reports and the usual rampaging. We recorded this on a pirate ship so apologies for the random background noises.

As usual you can give us feedback in the thread, by email (epic.flail.podcast@gmail.com) or send us some questions for the show @EpicFM_Podcast

Hope you enjoy the show 🙂

Also….apologies to our american audience regarding the ‘outro song’…..seemed like a good idea while under the influence of illicit substances….


Time stamps;
1.30 Twitter questions
17.00 WTC 2nd day
58.00 Welsh open meta rundown
1.25.00 When to go for the kill vs scenario
1.45.00 Scenario takebacks
2.08.00 Friends knowing your tech/list choices
2.16.00 Rampager – ‘Net listing’
2.33.00 Girlfriends lists


Author: Epic_FM

Epic Flail are a UK Hordes and Warmachine Team. We attend every major UK event and release a regular podcast via Muse on Minis. The author of the Chronicles of an Angry Man is Paul North. His views are his own and do not represent the rest of Flail. Unless he is right and everyone agrees, in which case they are shared

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