Epic FM Episode 17 Smogcon Monster Cast

Epic Flail present’s episode 17 of Epic FM.

This is a monster cast including a load of interviews and random bits we recorded at Smogcon 2014. Due to some of the footage being recorded late at night after hours of gaming the language at times is a little blue!

You have been warned 😉

Time Stamps
1.00 – Smogcon 2014 Review
18.00 – Flail in the painting room feat. Jimmy G; Ret talk
46.00 – Vapnatak Review and Khador Comedy Corner
1.11.00 – Smogcon Paul vs Golly worst weekend chat
1.26.00 – Rampager/rampagers
1.42.00 – Smogcon interview with Norbert
2.07.00 – ‘Bretribution’ (aka retribution) corner
2.34.00 – Smogcon interview with Robben from Germany

Enjoy the cast and feel free to get in touch at @EpicFM_Podcast or epic.flail.podcast@gmail.com


Author: Epic_FM

Epic Flail are a UK Hordes and Warmachine Team. We attend every major UK event and release a regular podcast via Muse on Minis. The author of the Chronicles of an Angry Man is Paul North. His views are his own and do not represent the rest of Flail. Unless he is right and everyone agrees, in which case they are shared

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