Epic FM Episode 12

Epic FM Episode 12

In this episode the Flail crew review thier performance at the WTC, discuss high and lows of the event, thier lists, prove they are all about the fluff and as usual troll each other in the process 🙂

The event also includes an interview from the London Masters with Norbert where he explains the recent Smogcon changes and future of the event


1.00 – WTC list thoughts, performance and highs/lows
1.44 – Norbert Interview
2.01 – Car cast with added Fluff talk 🙂

Enjoy the cast and as usual let us know what you think @EpicFM_Podcast and epic.flail.podcast@gmail.com


Author: Epic_FM

Epic Flail are a UK Hordes and Warmachine Team. We attend every major UK event and release a regular podcast via Muse on Minis. The author of the Chronicles of an Angry Man is Paul North. His views are his own and do not represent the rest of Flail. Unless he is right and everyone agrees, in which case they are shared

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