Enter the Crucible: Videos 17, Crucible Qualifier 4, Highlight Games

Welcome to the highlight games, where we picked out games of note from the 4th Crucible qualifier and posting them for your viewing pleasure.

The 4th Crucible Qualifier took place at Miniduels games in Orlando, FL. 43 players attended with the winner gaining automatic qualification to the Masters at Crucible, and free entry to the event.

This first round match up features Bradigus (Wold War) versus Harbinger of Menoth.

This third round match up features Butcher3 versus Madhammer.

This fourth round match up features Bart versus Haley2.

Author: Mahu

I am Mahu, a player out of the Orlando, FL area. I have been playing Warmachine since the 2010 field test. I am one of the co-founders of the Enter the Crucible podcast.

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