Enter the Crucible: Episode 7, Wraith Witch Deneghra versus Grand Scrutator Severius

Welcome to episode 7, which we are posting a day early due to us being on the road for Gencon tonight and tomorrow. We will resume our regular schedule next week.

This week we showcase the Body and Soul Wraith Witch Deneghra tier and we put it up against Grand Scrutator Severius running the rarely seen Idrian Skirmishers. We are joined by Mahu, Clint, Mat, Carter, Jeff, and Pirate Captain. We do a quick recap of the last game, and get into our next match up.


Time stamps:

00:00 – Intro

00:54 – What are we working on

04:41 – Recap of meat mountain versus Carver

10:48 – Clint’s Caster Cliffnotes Corner of Clintness

12:36 – Body and Soul Tier and Wraith Witch Deneghra discussion

29:27 – Grand Scrutator Severius with Battle Engine and Idrian discussion


Author: Mahu

I am Mahu, a player out of the Orlando, FL area. I have been playing Warmachine since the 2010 field test. I am one of the co-founders of the Enter the Crucible podcast.

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