Enter the Crucible Episode 2: Warwitch Deneghra versus The Harbinger of Menoth


Welcome to our second podcast!

This episode we are joined by Matthew (Mahu), Clint (Big Clinto), Adam (Pirate Captain), John (jmerc), and Jeff (Roguejm11). We go into who we are a little more and discuss Warwitch Deneghra and the inclusion of the new Cryx Journeyman Warcaster, Aiakos, and we face her off against The Harbinger of Menoth with the not too common Flamebringers.


Time stamps:


0:00 – Intro and more on who we are

07:54 – Reflection on the previous game from first video report

14:47 – Our Meta

17:03 – Our next match up

17:50 – Warwitch Deneghra with heavy Aiakos discussion

35:36 – The Harbinger of Menoth with heavy Flamebringers discussion


Author: Mahu

I am Mahu, a player out of the Orlando, FL area. I have been playing Warmachine since the 2010 field test. I am one of the co-founders of the Enter the Crucible podcast.

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