Engineers service manual – Salvo

Salvo, the Marksman


Salvo is similar to Ballista in that he is a tool box player. Faster, less durable and perhaps a little less dependable than Ballista, Salvo brings a lot of flexibility to the Engineers line up. He works well within Ballista’s aura and has the greatest potential to generate momentum using character plays from the Engineers roster. Salvo also makes a great back up striker when the opportunity presents itself.


Fast for an Engineer, Salvos speed is further enhanced by easy access to dodges. His TAC is relatively poor with limited momentous potential from his playbook (especially against models that don’t have the ball). Salvo is an average kicker, but still capable when the time comes. His DEF, ARM and hit points are all average, which among the engineers line up makes him somewhat fragile.


Traits and Plays

Pumped- once per turn Salvo can use bonus time without spending a point of momentum. Often this helps him get that important character play off against a player with a decent DEF. But it also has great use for improving his goal scoring.

Swift strikes- Salvo can make a 1″ dodge after causing damage to an enemy model, which coupled with his two character plays makes him very agile. This trait is great to use for hit and run tactics (along with Ballistas Second Wind this can become a team tactic), to gain better position for the next turn, or perhaps to get out of engagement and go for a pass or goal attempt.

Kick Bolt- for a cost of 1 influence and with a range of 6″, the first of Salvo’s character plays causes 2 damage and a 3″ push. A successful Kick Bolt will trigger the Swift Strikes dodge and can be a source of momentum if Ballista is nearby. With a cost of 1 there are positives and negatives to consider with this character play. On the plus side you have the potential to push a player up to 9″ away from their starting position (watch those wings), this is situational and you will likely need to make use of both the swift strikes dodges and Salvo’s advance to get the full 9″ push (unless you were base to base at the start of his activation for example). The Kick Bolt push couples nicely with Ballistas legendary play Minefield, against a non tough hide player Salvo can cause 9 damage! (3 lots of 2 damage from the kick bolts and 1 for each push through the minefield, or add Tooled Up from Rage and turn up the pain even further). The negative on this play is that a dice pool of 1 dice makes it somewhat unreliable, especially against high DEF players. Pumped or traditional bonus time can help, as can using Salvo’s second character play Floored Bolt first.


Floored Bolt- also a cost 1 range 6″ character play, causes 1 damage and the knocked down condition. Again as it causes damage there is potential for gaining momentum from Ballistas aura and of course dodges from the Swift Strikes trait (even against tough hide models as the damage is caused and then reduced). Floored Bolt has a variety of uses, from knocking a player down so that they can be hit by other character plays or attacks more easily, to knocking down an opposing ball carrier so that the ball will scatter. As with Kick Bolt this character play can be unreliable with only a single die roll. However the potential to knock down multiple players over a large area of the field can be a game changer.

Thoughts- Salvo is almost indispensable to the Engineers line up. He has the greatest potential to create momentum via Ballistas aura, making him very valuable in the first turn of a game. He can also turn his game to serious damage output by using Kick Bolt on the same target, synergising with Ballistas Mine Field to turn up the damage. Floored bolt is very potent if Salvo activates first in a turn or near the end, as having players knocked down at the start of a turn seriously limits a players options, forcing them to generate momentum before they can activate key players or forgo their advances. Salvo does tend to orbit Ballista, due to his limited playbook results for momentum generation, thus he relies on Ballistas aura. The swift strike dodges and sometimes Second Wind from Ballista (or Decimate) can help Salvo strike out and then get back in position, but if the rewards are there don’t be afraid to go Rambo with Salvo, knocking down half of an opposing team when they are out of position can ruin an opponents turn and possibly hand you the game. Just watch out for those high DEF targets and Clone as they can both eat up his influence and lead to a wasted activation.

Once again thanks to Solid Ground Studios for the excellent cobbled street bases, these Engineers have never looked so good.

Author: Ben R

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