Dublin Super League – Alchemists v Masons

One of the other Pundits in Dublin suggested that we start a league to get people playing more Guild Ball. Eleven of us signed up, one more joined, and now we have two divisions. Exciting stuff! We play one game every two weeks, and my first game was against Eoin (another Eoin, it’s a common enough name for our generation) playing Alchemists. Eoin came over to my flat, and in the sweltering 19 degree heat with 2 tables borrowed from the montessori school downstairs, we played our first game.

I’ve gone with Masons, even though I now own the guts of four teams I’m starting to feel good and loyal already. The league format gives us a roster of 8 players from which we pick 6 each match, so my line-up is as follows: Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Flint, Tower, Brick, Harmony and Minx. After my roster was locked in I saw the glory that is Decimate, but that’s for next league I suppose!

For last night’s game, I was wary of Midas’ True Replication, so I decided not to bring Harmony. I’ve also been finding her quite fragile, and I didn’t want to be giving away any easy take-outs, so my team for this game was Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Flint, Tower and Brick, the same as up in Ards. There was still the potential horror of Midas copying Where’d They Go from Flint, but my initial plan was to keep far enough away that he couldn’t do it.

Eoin’s team is Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and Decimate. In the photos they are represented by various Star Wars miniatures because his Alchemists are being painted right now. For ease of identification, they are as follows: Han Solo (Midas), Tusken Raider (Flask), some sort of bounty hunter (Vitriol), Lando Calrissian (Mercury), Hobgoblin (Calculus) and Decimate (Decimate).

We draw our plot cards. I get Make A Game Of It, Man Down and Man Marking. Eoin gets Miraculous Recovery, Protect Your Balls and Keep Ball.

I win the roll, and elect to receive. Midas kicks the ball up. Game on!


The kick-off! The key for player names is as follows: Midas (Au), Mercury (Hg), Vitriol (H2SO4), Flask (F), Calculus (f), Decimate (D), Honour (H), Marbles (mM), Brick (Br), Tower (T), Mallet (hM), Flint (Fl).

Turn 1

– Honour Quick Times herself and charges Midas, who uses Unpredictable Movement to move back. D’oh!

– Flask moves up, drops a Smoke Cloud on himself.

– Tower jogs up, passes the ball to Mallet, he fails but the ball ends up on Flint. He then tries to Shutout Midas to no effect.

– Decimate sprints.

– Marbles uses Tooled Up on Brick, jogs up.

– Calculus jogs up.

– Mallet sprints.

– Brick jogs laterally.

– Mercury sprints forward, Fire Blasts Mallet.

– Flint sprints up, passes the ball to Tower who dodges in behind Mallet.

– Midas uses True Replication to copy Where’d They Go (I had forgotten my plan to keep Flint away from him), attacks Flint, gets a momentous Guild Ball result and uses Where’d They Go to end up next to Tower.

Right, so the first turn could have gone better! I could have remembered Unpredictable Movement and not wasted Honour’s activation, but that was just a brain-fart on my part. It looks pretty likely that Midas will get the ball off Tower next turn. I can just hope that I get the first activation and can use Shutout on him to grab the ball back!

– The turn ends, we both have 1 MP. We roll off, and Alchemists win the initiative.

Turn 2



This is the furthest up the line most of my players got all game!

– Midas uses Where’d They Go to Dodge up, attacks Tower for 0 hits, attacks again for a Tackle, then uses Clone. He jogs away, ignoring my Parting Blow, and gets another 2″ Dodge to end up deep in my field with the ball.

– Marbles uses Tooled Up on Honour and sprints to engage Vitriol.

Calculus tries to Blind Honour, fails, then sprints forward to engage Flint.

– Honour charges Vitriol, taking a Parting Blow and 1 damage and Poison from Calculus on her way. Her first attack she gets 3 hits, doing 4 momentous damage. Second attack she gets 1 hit, doing 3 damage (with the wonderful Assist and Tooled Up from Marbles), then 3 hits for 4 momentous damage, then 3 hits for 4 momentous damage, taking out Vitriol. Eoin plays the Miraculous Recovery card, meaning Vitriol will be coming back on 2 recovery levels. Honour then uses her Legendary Play, giving 1 Influence to Marbles, Mallet, Flint and Tower. She then hits Flask for 3 momentous damage.

– Mercury Fire Blasts Marbles, he hits Honour and Mallet.

– Tower sprints up to Midas, who Unpredictable Movements away.

– Decimate charges Flint, I decline to Countercharge with Brick, she gets 4 hits and does 2 momentous damage.

– Brick moves back, hoping to Countercharge Midas next turn.

– Flask circles Honour, getting in between everyone.

– Mallet hits Flask for 2 momentous damage.

– Flint activates, gets Burning and Poisoned, hits Calculus for a momentous ><, hits Decimate for a momentous ><, heals himself, uses Where’d They Go and sprints to get into the Alchemist back field.

After Turn 2, the score is 2-0 to me. It looks like Midas is about to score though so that’ll soon change. I’m not looking forward to taking Flask out, but he is proving to be quite annoying so it’ll have to happen. At this point only Mallet is on fire, and Honour is poisoned. The Alchemist status effect game starts to ramp up from here on out.

Turn 3

Apologies for the flash, I've labelled the players in black for ease of identification. Also I apparently cheated in this turn and gave Brick 4 Influence. Good thing it wasn't important.

Apologies for the flash, I’ve labelled the players in black for ease of identification. Also I apparently cheated in this turn and gave Brick 4 Influence. Good thing it wasn’t important.

– I win the roll for initiative.

– Vitriol comes back on from the top left.

– Tower activates, uses Shutout on Midas.

– Calculus Blinds Marbles, Honour and Mallet, then moves in and attacks Mallet. 1 hit and 1 damage.

– Flint charges Decimate, gets a momentous ><.

– Flask uses Intensify, hitting Honour, Mallet and Marbles for 2 damage and trundles into the middle of the melee.

– Marbles heals himself for 4 damage.

– Mercury Flame Bursts Brick.

– A Poisoned Blinded Honour attacks Flask. She gets 1 hit for 1 damage, then 2 hits for 2 momentous damage and takes him out. She, Marbles and Mallet take 3 damage. She then jogs into Calculus for another attack with 3 dice, which does nothing. She clears Burning and Poison off herself.

– Decimate charges Honour, gets 2 momentous damage.

– A Blinded Poisoned Burning Mallet attacks Calculus, to no avail.

– Vitriol engages Flint.

– Midas uses Where’d They Go, takes a shot and scores.

– The Goal Kick lands on Decimate!

The score is now 4-4. Brick being on fire is going to be an issue since he’s so slow already, I really should have cleared it off him but I didn’t feel like I could spare the MP at the time. The ball landing on Decimate is going to be an issue, I can just feel it! On the bright side, Midas is in a position to be pushed off the table if I get lucky. We’ll see…


“I have a bad feeling about this”

Turn 4

– Alchemists win the roll to go first…

– Decimate sprints and Second Winds herself to jog even further, ending up ~4″ away from the goal.

– Brick charges Midas (he has to charge because he’s on fire, his Jog will not put him in base to base), who uses Unpredictable Movement to move around Brick and avoid getting knocked off the pitch. Brick does 2 momentous damage and momentously knocks Midas down.

– Calculus blinds Mallet, misses Honour and Marbles.

– Marbles clears his conditions, uses Tooled Up on Honour, moves around to engage both Calculus and Mercury, taking Poison and Burning.

– Mercury Flame Bursts Honour and moves around.

– Mallet heals for 4, moves away from Calculus, taking 1 damage (which I think was momentous because we forgot you can’t do this with Parting Blows), hits Mercury for nothing due to being Blinded.

– Midas clears knocked down (or we forgot about it, anyway!), attacks Brick, puts a momentous Heavy Burden on Tower, uses Where’d They Go to Dodge away, then jogs up towards Decimate and uses Clone with his last influence.

– Honour activates, gets Poisoned by Calculus, then attacks her. She does 5 damage, 4 momentous damage, and another 4 momentous damage to take Calculus out. She then moves into Mercury, goes on fire, does 5 damage, 5 damage with a Bonus Time, and 4 momentous damage with a Bonus Time, leaving Mercury on 1 health! That’s 27 damage, a new record!

– Vitriol throws down a smoke bomb and hits Flint for 3 damage.

The score is now 6-4 to me, and Mercury is looking ripe for the plucking. There’s still that goal from Decimate to worry about however, and Marbles, Mallet and Honour are starting to look very hurt. If Eoin can get his goal and take a few players out it might all slip away from me!

Turn 5

Apologies again for the flash! This is the start of turn 5, before Calculus came back on. She came on from the top right.

Apologies again for the flash! This is the start of turn 5, before Calculus came back on. She came on from the top right.

– I win the roll for initiative.

– Calculus comes back on, and moves to hover dangerously near the scrum around Mercury…

– Tower activates, jogs up to engage Mercury and stay within 8″ of Decimate, attempts to Shutout Decimate and fails, then attacks Mercury and takes him out. The score goes to 8-4.

– Calculus sprints up, blinds Honour and Marbles. She then uses Noxious Blast to take out Mallet. The score goes to 8-6. I play Man Down to give everyone +1 Armour.

– A Poisoned Blinded Burning Honour Quick Times out of the poison cloud, charges Calculus, does her 3 damage with 3 attacks due to Blind, and heals herself of conditions. She has 1 HP left!

– Midas charges and takes out Marbles, giving me 2MP, +2″/+2″ MOV and +2 TAC on all my players due to Loved Creature, then uses Where’d They Go to move up further and use Heavy Burden on Flint. The score goes to 8-8.

– Decimate attempts to score. She has a kick of 3/6″, and she uses Bonus Time to give herself an extra die. Eoin rolls to score. 3, 3, 3, 1. Decimate misses! The kick scatter goes in direction 6, and goes 5″, landing in the crowd. The ball is then Thrown In and scatters from the centre. With 1 pointing towards Eoin’s goal since he is the active player, the ball scatters in direction 6, and 5″. It lands right beside Flint, and snaps to him.

– Flint uses Where’d They Go to get away from Decimate and Midas, then uses Bonus Time himself to take a goal kick with 2 dice. He scores. The score goes to 12-8 and I win.

Phew! I was a little annoyed on Eoin’s behalf at the end there. It’s his second full game of Guild Ball, and I felt like he outplayed me, definitely towards the end. The Alchemists status effect game just kept ramping up and up, and they were running rings around me. Just goes to show you what dice will do in a game though. Still, better lucky than good as the saying goes. MVP for me is Honour, taking out four players and generating MP to frantically keep conditions off her and others. I’m glad I didn’t take Harmony, because those conditions would have worn her down really quick, and you have to keep her close to Honour so the AOE effects would have been hitting her. If I was to play against Alchemists again, I might consider committing the ultimate heresy and leaving Flint on the bench, because Midas with Where’d They Go is very frustrating…about as frustrating as Flint with Where’d They Go I suppose!

Anyway, that’s one game down. I will be playing Eoin again before the end of the League, and I’m sure it will be an even closer match. In the meantime I have his Masons to paint. Since we both know each other from playing Legend of the Five Rings and Eoin is the Crab player par excellence, I’m thinking of going with gunmetal blue and black with red accents. HIIIIDAAAA!

Tune in for more matches in the Dublin Super League as I play them. I’ll try to sort out the camera for next time!

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