MoM’s First Fundraiser: To the Emerald City and beyond.

The Muse Crew had a blast at Lock and Load last year. They got to meet new fantastic people, play games and explore Seattle, the Emerald City, which is an awesome town. But since last year something terrible has happened and without your help The Muse Crew may never again see the Emerald City nor regain what they’ve lost…

[column col=”1/4″]Chad has no courage. The burden he bears as a Trollblood player is just too much. He jumps at loud noises and is often found curled into the fetal position weeping uncontrollably during thunderstorms. Will you help Chad to make it to the Emerald City to see the Wizard and regain the courage he needs to soldier on?[/column]OZ - Cowardly Lion



[column col=”1/4″]Keith has no heart. Through his eyes, the world is just one constant, loveless, lifeless, pointless, empty wash of grey. Without compassion or empathy and only the grim certainty of death staring back at him, what does he have to live for? Won’t you help him get to the Emerald City? Only the Wizard can mend his heart.[/column]

OZ - Tin Man

[column col=”1/4″]Crump has no brain. A lovable simpleton,  easily distracted, easily confounded, he frequently walks into walls and he can’t even build a 20 point list. Please help Crump make it to the Emerald City the Wizard is the only one who can restore his mind and help him reach these kids.[/column]

OZ - Scarecrow



[column col=”1/4″]John is far from his home (it burned down). He journeys with these three unlikely companions (you know his house burned down right?) to seek solace in the Emerald City and council from the Wizard (because as you may or may not know, his house burned down.) Will you help him complete this momentous journey (after all, his house did burn down).[/column]

OZ - Dorothy

This has been a great year for Muse. In our first year we have exceeded almost any expectation we could have set for where we might be in a year’s time. After such a promising beginning we’be been galvanized. Muse has the potential to continue on as it has begun. It can keep growing as source and a meeting place for new ideas and discourse relating to all things Minis, and beyond.  This fundraiser goes further than the Emerald City. We want Muse to keep getting better; more content and better content, new mediums and broader themes. Your support can make it happen. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received from all of you has been truly touching. Muse is for all of you and we do this because we love it.

To all you Muse fans,

Thank you,

-The Muse Crew (Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, and Scarecrow)

P.S. Toto is Collin

P.P.S. Josh is the Wicked Witch

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