Dead Wargamers Society: Episode 22 – We’ll Be Right Back…

Owen needs to go out and get some smokes.  He’ll be right back…

Just kidding and in  all seriousness, we’re sorry to do this, but Chris and I have a lot of “life” stuff going on right now and need to press pause on the podcast for a few months so we can, collectively, get married, sell a house, and potentially move.  We’re planning on being back around Thanksgiving.  In the mean time, come hang out with us at ArmourCon and CaptainCon, post pics of minis from your favorite dead game on our Facebook page, and/or come chat in our Discord.  Thanks to all of you who have been listening thus far; we hope to be back on the digital airwaves soon!


Author: DeadWargamersSociety

A podcast dedicated to discussing tabletop wargames that are no longer support by the company that made them.

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