Dark Horse, now with AAA batteries

So now that things have settled down on the home front I find myself now able to write another exciting article, though that may be a matter of opinion but if your still reading then you must like my bad writing a little, lol.  So normally I would leave the writing of any legion based articles to my Messiah, the great JVM, but with my victory at Gencon for Hardcore Vanquisher and Executioner I felt I can at least write about the list and what I did with it.  I know normally my articles are based around what the supposed “Dark Horse” models can do, since at times no one knows what they can do in the first place, with this I have received some requests to talk about how I played the list during the tournament.


P. Thagrosh +5

Succubus 2

Archangel 20

Archangel 20

Shredder 2

Shepherd 1

Shepherd 1

Deathstalker 2

Deathstalker 2

Blackfrost Shard 5

Total:  50/55


During deployment I would normally put Thagrosh in the middle with an Archangel flanking each side of him.  The Blackfrost Shard would be off to the side of one of the Archangels, which ever one would get the best use out of Ice Cage, -2 DEF to target model hit, and Harm, +2 to damage rolls on model/unit hit.  I would put the Shredder and Succubus to where the could help support the Blackfrost Shard by keeping them alive.  The Deathstalkers would be placed to where I could have them take out either infantry or support models.

The way my turns would go would always have the same strategy but if I was going first then the beginning of the game would be different for me.  I would then look to see which of the Archangels would most likely need Draconic Blessing, +2 STR and terror, the most to deal with high ARM.  If I was going first then I would usually move Thagrosh up as far as he could after casting his spells.  With the list build he can upkeep a spell for free, cast the Shredder’s animus, +1 DEF and ARM, upon himself then put it upon the both Archangels and the Shredder and still camp 4 fury.  Going first usually meant that I would be able to run both Archangels up the field to get board position, but to be fair other than Thagrosh doing anything my army normally would run up the board.

If going second Thagrosh would usually do the same he would do if I was going first but instead of charging some random target to get extra movement he would just advance forward.  Archangels would still run out in front but now the Blackfrost Shard would just advance and go Stealth.  If I was able to then sometimes the Deathstalkers would be able to get a couple of shots off at the enemy advance deployment line that had advanced forwards.

This is usually where the best ability, at least in my opinion, would come in for the Archangels, Ride By Attacks.  I would usually get a round of shooting in with the Archangels before they would need to see combat on the following turns.  I would normally hit the most threatening target with an ice cage then harm it.  Since we would be close to each other I would take advantage of ride by attack as I would check to see how close we were, via checking Thagrosh’s Control Area, move up only enough to get the model in shooting range, then blast it off the board.  In one of the games my opponent’s only way of removing one of the Archangels from play, Ghetorix, this spells very bad times as it prevents me from bringing it back due to my feat and playing without a feat is just unfair, lol.  When I was able to hit an ice cage on him then harm him I moved up one Archangel 3″, shot Ghetorix, then moved back the rest of my movement.  Then I repeated with the other Archangel and Ghetorix was then dead.

Though Gargantuans usually have problems moving, and many hate the Archangel, I feel that the Archangel has a great advantage with this movement capability.  Normally once I was able to shoot off the biggest threat, then I would be forced into melee combat.  With Death Shroud, -2 STR to enemy models while within Thagrosh’s CMD of 9, and Tenacity the affective ARM of the Archangels in melee gets up to 21.  I know a majority of the time people take a Carnevian but that is also usually when you only have Archangel in the army, 2 do take up a good chunk of points, though I do get to in a sense play with 3 in the game thanks to my feat.  Then once we got to melee then it just became a game of attrition.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Author: Bulldog

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