Dark Guidance 21: They’re Good Casters Brent

Welcome to the Anniversary episode of Dark Guidance. Can you believe it’s been just over a year since we started casting? Over a year ago one model, the Sepulchre, brought Dark Guidance together to cast the lost Episode 0. Had the Sepulchre not been the death knell of MK2 we may never have come together. To celebrate this momentous occasion Tom, Chris, Colin, and Brian go back to our initial inspiration and talk Cryx. How far has this mighty faction fallen? We discuss their issues, breakdown their casters, and look at their strengths. Colin also tries to explain how he managed to win using the Tharn Theme force. What makes it strong and what to run it with.


Warning this episode contains explicit language, meme quotes, and Hearthstone references. Please enjoy.


Author: CrashWest

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