Crutch Free 2012!



Listen up MoMma’s boys! The gauntlet has been thrown!

We’re giving up our crutch pieces for a whole year of competitive play. Do you have the stones to give up yours? This means anteing up the pieces you rely on most! Break out of that tiny box you live in! Master your faction! Shake the meta to its core!



We are not alone in this movement. These are all people with solid brass balls:


  • John DeMaris(Phatasian)- The Avatar
  • Jake VanMeter(Neutralyze)- Vayl1, Saeryn, Lylyth2
  • Keith Christianson(sepher32)- Asphyxious
  • Jason Watt(Lord Tyrant Watt)- Molik Karn
  • Chad Shonkwiler(Chadwick)- Janissa Stonetide
  • Chuck Elswick(Bulldog)- Playing Morghul2
  • Josh Holt(Ooh_Shiny)- Adeptis Rahn
  • Nick Crumpton(Crump)- Krueger2
  • Nigel Brooks(StevenSwayze)- Behemoth
  • Matt Catron(Argieta)- Barnabas
  • Dave Drahaus(Aduro)- Asphyxious2
  • Lance Becker(Judgeito)- Gorax
  • Dewey Sickels(Dewey)- Severius1
  • David Counts(Thenan)-Baldur1&2
  • 12/22/2011
  • ?(Alviaran)-Deathjack
  • ?(Ersatz Nihililst)-Tartarus
  • ?(OniBeowulf)-Caine2, Stryker2, Squire, B13
  • Bob Klotz(Puzzworthy)- Titan Gladiator
  • ?(Rynth)- Basilisk Drake
  • ?(DaughterOfFrankenstein)- Ravagore
  • Chris S(Paradox)- Choir, Vassal [BALLER]
  • ?(Lawso42)- Doomshaper2
  • ??(scud)- Butcher
  • Lucas Renz(circletakesthesquare)- Kaya2, Baldur1, Kromac
  • ?(lordofnecropolis)- Knights Errant
  • Matt Cole(Mod_GeminiX6) Feora2
  • ?(GunMageinTraining)- eHaley
  • Mike P(PG_Seraphsong)- Rahn, Ravyn, Asphyxious2, Deneghra2
  • ?(Aya)- Janissa
  • ?(alchahest)- Eiryss, Gorman, Nyss
  • Dave ?(studderingdave)- playing 2x MoW Shocktroopers
  • 12/23/2011
  • Alan Kennedy(Azhdeen)- Bile Thralls
  • Sygerrik – Maekeda2, Molik Karn
  • Blake(Nightrave)- Eiryss2, MHSF, Disco, Kromac, Wolfriders
  • Ben Hayes(Chunky04)- Eiryss, Gorman
  • 12/24/2011
  • ?(PG_Duckboy) -Kayazy Assassins, Underboss, Eiryss2
  • ?(PG_Asa)-Harbinger, Severius1, Morghoul1, Maekeda2
  • ?(sleet01)- Darius
  • Joe Biggers(FeignLife)- Withershadow Combine
  • ?(Valander)- Asphyxious1, Deneghra1, Goreshade1
  • Ben Rislove(Rolling_Thunder)- Caine2, Menoth, Legion
  • 12/25/2011
  • Riley Nadeau (NickKendal)-Nyss Hunters
  • Brian Brimmer(Brimmstorm)- Asphyxious2 (also playing Venethrax Coven and Goreshades)
  • ?(Hrimfaxi)- Reckoner
  • 12/27/2011
  • ?(PG_Feeple)- MHSF, Ravyn
  • ?(Junn Khan)- Playing only Domination ‘locks
  • Chase L.(The_Villain)- Ol’Rowdy, The Black 13th
  • ?(Watchtower)- Ravyn, MHSF
  • ?(W’rkncacnter)-Squire, Siege, Mule, Withershadow Combine, Terminus, Darragh Wrathe, Renegade, Pistol Wraith, Ol’ Rowdy
  • 12/29/2011
  • ?(Taslon)-Cryx, Skorne, Legion, playing Ret
  • Danny Goodner(2LiveIs2Die)- Asphyxious2, Deneghra2, Skarre2
  • ?(dicegod)-Kreoss1, Kreoss2, Severius1, Harbinger
  • Matt K(mattieK)- Megalith, Asphyxious2, Deathjack, Tartarus
  • 1/2/2012
  • Eric Castro (PG_Shalandar) Nyss Raptors
  • 1/4/2012
  • ?(Dark Alleycat) Siege, Squire, Arcane Tempest Gun Mages


Join the movement! Prove that you’ve got a pair!


What started with one man putting his foot squarely in his mouth has evolved into the beginnings of something fun and exciting; a way to challenge ourselves, as Warmachine and Hordes players, to think outside the box, master our factions, and make this year a great one in wargaming.


Here’s the challenge:


Take a look at the lists you play most often. Is there a piece that appears in more than 50% of them? Is there a caster you take to every tournament? What model do you lean on the most?


Give it up.


Put it away for one year of competitive play. Build lots of lists without it. Figure out something crazy and new. Or just play something new to you.


Post here in the comments section, your name, your forum handle, and your crutch, to be added to the list.

  1. Thanan Reply

    David Counts (Thanan) – Baldur1+2

  2. chunky04 Reply

    Mine would have been pSevvy, but I’ve already started painting my Khadorans in preparation for February, and I can’t give up something I haven’t even used yet. I’m hoping to make fun of Nigel for his redbelting.

  3. chunky04 Reply

    Also, this would have meant a lot more pre-character restrictions.

    • sepher32 Reply

      There are non-character crutches. And giving up something for half your games is still quite a bit.

      • chunky04 Reply

        I may have gotten too used to thinking about three and four list CR formats.

  4. chunky04 Reply

    OK, now that I’ve listened to the podcast, I am offering up my list of Khador casters. Pick up to 4 in order, and I will take them to a major tournament over here (I say four because we have some crazy formats, so if it was a 2 caster format I’d only use the first two).

    Old Witch

  5. Carnage4u Reply

    Nothing Crutch about playing EMorghoul at all. Especially with the arhicon coming out. Really sick of all the hate that guy gets. I got 2nd at a WMW event playing E Morghoul last year. hes solid.

  6. Bulldog Reply

    Just to put it out there I do play Epic Morghoul and have won a tournament with him. My thing is I have been challenged to play him in a hardcore format and I have chosen for it to be at Diecon. Justin has placed the challenge for me to play Minions at Templecon, Jake has said for me to play prime Kaya at adepticon hardcore.

  7. Carnage4u Reply

    Of those challenges, only the Minion one is really a challenge. The other challenges are all pretty good. Minions arent even that bad, just limited, and in a hardcore format, people are bringing out odd options anyway, so anything can do better. :)

    I think playing “lesser” casters in non hardcore formats is more challenging.

  8. Bulldog Reply

    Preaching to the choir. But more so I play what people pick as a way to help me decide what to play as I have bad gamer ADD.

  9. Bulldog Reply

    To recap maybe mention who was the player that put their foot in their mouth to start this movement.

  10. paradox Reply

    1. Choir
    2. Vassal

    • paradox Reply

      Name = Chris Schmidt

  11. studderingdave Reply

    can i reverse it and run MOW for 2012? i never run MOW and i badmouth them tons. 2x max shocktroopers here.

    • sepher32 Reply

      Works for me, you’re in.

      • studderingdave Reply

        its Dave Wojtkowski if your interested in full names.

  12. chunky04 Reply

    The dox raises the bar!

  13. Crump Reply

    Paradox, I could see giving up the vassal but the choir is too important to the faction. It would be similar to circle players giving up shifting stones, or skorne giving up beast handlers. I think you’re already being super ballsy by giving up enliven. You’re really in the spirit of it!

  14. benrislove Reply

    I will play cygnar, without a stormclad or the black 13th.

  15. DP6 Reply

    Having jumped factions, I really don’t have a crutch right now. Sorry guys!

    • benrislove Reply

      Give up winterguard or Joe, you know they are crutches…. Or Eiryss, or Gorman? YOU GET A COOL FORUM BANNER!

  16. chunky04 Reply

    Ohh, actually that will do nicely – no Eiryss or Gorman for me in 2012 – DONE!

  17. mollyhatchet Reply

    I really dont know what to do… I am playing Cygnar Tier lists. The ones with Trenchers in them. If I give up the Caster I use the most with them (Siege) then that leaves me with Caine2 and Haley2. Bah! Decisions decisions…

  18. FeignLife Reply

    I’m not exactly a well known Con goer or anything, but I can get behind this.

    No Withershadow Combine for me.

    -Joe Biggers-

  19. Kremmet Reply

    I had a hard time thinking about this as I tend to float about within my own factions and, when things get stagnant, swap to a different army so there isn’t a lot of overlap between what I run. That said, I did pick up a unit of Nyss Hunters after umpteen years of play in 2011 and tend to run quite a few lists with them now so I think that’ll be my pledge. You can see it in action I guess starting at LnL.

    Riley Nadeau (NickKendall on the forums): No Nyss Hunters

  20. brimmstorm Reply

    I’ll go no eLich. I will also play at least half my games with the goreshades, venethrax, and the coven.

  21. Hrimfaxi Reply

    Reckoner, how I’ll miss thee.

  22. Blog Reply

    Agonizer, Nihilators. Covenant.

  23. Stubbs Reply

    I love me some Cephalyx and Drudges, but if others are giving things up, I will to.

    1. Mind Slavers
    2. Mind Slavers ( they made me say that)
    3. Overlords
    4. Drudges
    5. Eiryss
    6. Aiyanna and Hotty
    7. Nick Cage ( Professor Pendrake)

  24. Hollywood_.l. Reply

    I vow to use as much broken cryx crap available…Im going full crutch everything 2012! If I can manage to win anything at all i will give something up in 13′ until then NO WAY DUDES!

  25. Shalandar Reply

    We talked at my LGS, and I was told my biggest crutch is my Nyss Raptors. So I am giving them up completely this year. Oh boy.

    Eric Castro

  26. Dark Alleycat Reply

    Well, I normally play Cygnar.

    So here is what I am giving up.
    Arcane Tempest Gun mages.

    I don’t use B13th,eCaine,eHaley,Ol’ Rowdy, and im not going to start now.
    I am also not putting in large amounts of mercs, and any merc I do put in will be ones I normally or never have played with before.

  27. Dr Pickle Whip Reply

    Wes Barnhart


    I should be giving up Harby, Vassal or Choir, but until I see a Khador player give up Joe F*%# that.

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