Crucible Guard Full Faction Review!

Hey folks! Been awhile since I posted something direct to Muse, but this is a big one… 3 hours (almost) of Crucible Guard talk! All the models, all the warcasters, all the themes… you name it, it’s in here!

Give it a listen, hope you guys learn something useful!

(Oh, and a big thank you to Marc-Andre and Chandler, who both approached me to talk about how we undervalued Lukas and way, way underestimated the Trancers… we’ll talk about that on a future episode!)


Author: ComboSmiteMarc

Host of Combo Smite, Cygnar player, physicist, and writer. Marc spends most of his time either writing about WarMachine, talking about WarMachine, or playing WarMachine. He would very much like somebody to pay him to do one of those three things.

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