Crippled System: Episode 21 – Sorry for the interruption


Jeremy S, Nathan H, Brian G, Katie S, Jim B, Andy W

this episode we chat about warmachine plans, delve into eclipse board game, unleash the horror of fan submitted yoga pants picture.

Timestamps, of special note Nathan insults states and cities instead of countries this week…:-)

00:00 – Introductions
06:07 – Contest Winners
15:57 – Nathan Insults Illinois
17:04 – Current random thoughts on warmachine
46:31 – Board game geekery: Eclipse and Twilight Imperium
62:03 – Katie’s Korner Jingle
63:40 – Katie’s Korner: Cat Stuff
74:24 – Weird TV shows
82:13 – Dresden Files Discussion
84:53 – Recommendations
104:32 – Nathan Insults Rome
107:11 – Katie’s Korner Outro
107:34 – Bonus track (we are so sorry)

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Author: majortusk

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