Crippled System: Episode 20 – Hopefully this wont break the Muse site


Sorry for the late run this week, pretty tired from Adepticon.

The gang returns from Adepticon with reports, shenanigans, and more information about Jeremy than what we should ever need to know.

Hosts: Andy W, Brian G, Jim B, Jeremy S, Katie S, Nathan H

00:00 – Introductions
06:37 – Adepticon Discussion
32:28 – Oblivion, Evil Dead, and other movies
38:14 – More Adepticon discussion
46:57 – Crippling emails and contest winners
57:08 – Katie’s Korner: Threat assessment
78:38 – Recommendations
90:31 – Nathan insults Botswana and Australia
90:57 – Final recommendations and Nathan requests people email him yoga pants pictures

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Author: majortusk

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