Crippled System: Episode 18 – 12 power!


There is an object at the heart of that cloud, and that is Crippled System.

Hosts: Jeremy S, Katie S, Brian G, Nathan H, Andy W and Loki

This week we chat about building your meta, Katies Korner, Recommendations.

Bonus Contest: Name that spell/feat!

Timestamps, now with 40% more discussions about food:

00:00 – Intro Song
00:18 – Introduction / Board Games discussion
14:21 – Nathan insults Canada / Discussion about Texas
16:55 – Hot sauce discussion
21:25 – Our visit to Samba
26:03 – ACD Gamedays interview with Cole (Nathan and Andy’s Roommate)
28:59 – Crippling emails: Building a Meta
46:38 – News and Announcements: Novella, Cyriss, etc.
54:04 – Rats and wiener dogs rambling
57:34 – Katie’s Korner: When plans go wrong
78:20 – Recommendations
98:10 – Swedish Muslim Jeremy contest




Author: majortusk

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