Crippled System: Episode 17- Focus & Fury April Fools


Our April Fools episode, it truly is a homage to the awesome Focus and Fury Podcast. Sorry to the folks that were misled, but come on, it was April 1st.

Very special thanks to Benesh for recording the bumper at the beginning of the episode.

00:00 – Intro song
00:28 – Introductions
02:33 – Special Guest interview with Keith
07:51 – Crippling emails; playing dirty
22:35 – Axis spoilers
23:34 – Fantastic Max interlude
27:20 – Muslim Swedish Jeremy; Retribution tip of the day
30:53 – Katie’s Korner; list Chicken
50:16 – Buildup to the weekly TB
51:07 – Weekly TB
69:08 – TB recap / voting
72:59 – Nathan insults the Polish
73:50 – Jokes with Nathan






Author: majortusk

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