Combo Smite Podcast 158 – Southern Ontario Open Wrap Up with Tim Banky

For those of you who don’t know Tim, he’s half of the founding members of “Arcane Assist”, half the founder of the biggest WarMachine-centric convention in Canada, Captain of a Canadian WTC team… and generally a great guy.

Oh, and he won a massive, 116 player Masters a couple weeks back. So, yeah, he’s kinda a big deal.

Listen to us talk shop with Tim about the Southern Ontario Open!

(My apologies about the audio quality and infrequent, but annoying, clicking in this recording… we had to use a last-minute fix to get Tim recorded!)


Author: ComboSmiteMarc

Host of Combo Smite, Cygnar player, physicist, and writer. Marc spends most of his time either writing about WarMachine, talking about WarMachine, or playing WarMachine. He would very much like somebody to pay him to do one of those three things.

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