Combo Smite Battle Report Podcast 077: Kaelyssa vs eDenny, Hello Muse!

Hello Muse on Mini folk! Minifolk? Musers? Museons? Anyway! Hello people!

Combo Smite is a recent addition to the Muse on Mini lineup, but the podcast itself is over a year and a half old, with 77 episodes to our name. Every week we post a 50 point battle report, and then discuss the warcasters, lists, and tactics that went into the game.

This week’s battle is between the “Body and Soul” eDenny tier, and Kaelyssa’s “Forcewall” tier. It’s a great battle, with lots of useful information for players both using and facing eDenny!

Give it a listen, let us know what you think!
And feel free to check us out at for all the lovely pictures to go along with this week’s battle report!


Author: ComboSmiteMarc

Host of Combo Smite, Cygnar player, physicist, and writer. Marc spends most of his time either writing about WarMachine, talking about WarMachine, or playing WarMachine. He would very much like somebody to pay him to do one of those three things.

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