Combo Smite Battle Report 093 – Cygnar (Kraye) vs Skorne (pXerxis)

I’ve been working on trying to build a good 2nd list for my Haley3… I think Kraye may be that list. This week I tested its mettle and its metal against one of the worst Cygnar matchups… pXerxis.

And Kassem, being Kassem, decided to run a completely out-to-lunch Xerxis list. Because why wouldn’t he?!

Give it a listen, and send us feedback if you think of anything we missed, suggestions on the ‘cast, or anything you’d like us to try out!

Thanks folks!


Author: ComboSmiteMarc

Host of Combo Smite, Cygnar player, physicist, and writer. Marc spends most of his time either writing about WarMachine, talking about WarMachine, or playing WarMachine. He would very much like somebody to pay him to do one of those three things.

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