Chunder from Downunder – Starting a Tournament from Scratch – Part 1 – Feasibility

by Ben Hayes

I’m currently in the process of looking to start a new Warmahordes event in Brisbane, Australia. I’m in the very early stages at the moment, primarily looking at costs to see if the tournament will be viable. I’m mad enough to try and startup an event, but not to lose a bunch of money into the bargain!


I have done this before, and the essential part is factor in your minimum costs to work out what your player number threshold is for making the event viable, and what your goal is for the event. Its important to make your goals realistic, especially for a first time event that does not yet have a good reputation to help it out.


For my event, I’m looking at a minimum of $900 raised, which is what I think it will take to put on a very modest event with a solid venue.


This is a fairly modest initial goal (Note that things I’ve had to budget have already changed from when the pic was taken). The plan is to offer discounted entry for early entrants, as the earlier entry fees are paid, the easier it is to do something useful with the money, like purchase more (and better) prizes. I believe this goal is achievable because I have seen a number of events in Brisbane with 30+ players, and I think with enough time for marketing of the event the 40+ barrier is breakable.


So what else can I do to make this event stand out? One thing I am looking to try out is a schedule that includes a night event, something that hasn;t been seen a great deal in Australia, but is common in the USA. I will be trying to procure a venue that will allow this to happen. Apart from the night event, which will be aimed a bit more at mayhem and frivolity, I intend the two single day events to be standard SR2012 tournaments. These sometimes feel quite rare in Australia, believe it or not, as the majority of our events add a bit here or there to the format.


The other thing I hope to do is an interesting prize pool for the event. I will be going over to the USA for Gencon in August, and if I have a decent amount of early entrants, I hope to purchase some stuff from the PP stall that is hard to access in Australia, particularly the Faction patches and so on. I intend for first prize in the 50pt Steamroller to be some sort of cool steampunk trophy, that I will try and get made fairly cheaply by a friend who has facilities to make such a thing. I’d also like to do a solid set of prizes for painting, but these will definitely depend on the available prize pool.


Last but not least, I intend to offer a fully painted army as a prize. This will be from my own collection if I haven’t managed enough entry fees to cover it, and will only be painted by me, so it won’t be an heirloom, but their are plenty of players out there who aren’t into painting, so I figure it should go down well. It will likely be given out as a lucky door prize, possibly combined with a charity raffle of some sort. At this stage I am think of doing a Farrow army.


So given that I’ve stolen the idea of a lucky dip painted army from Warmachine Weekend, and the 20 point Mangled Metal Softcore format from the Mayhem Cup, a big tip is to steal stuff from successful events – its not necessary to reinvent the wheel!


Sensually yours,

Author: chunky04

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