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OK, so as 2012 winds down, and since the world may end by next week (I’m actually hoping Japanese people see a dragon and I become magically active), I thought I would turn my attention to the year ahead, and what I’m hoping it will hold for me in the world of Warmahordes.


My main goals for 2013 are:

– play a whole shitload of different factions/stuff

– be competitive with it

– have more of a social experience around the tournaments I play

– end the year with a higher percentage of painted models in every faction

– help establish more tournaments in the Brisbane area meta

– travel to more tournaments within Australia

– travel to Warmachine Weekend


So I’ve seen the Paradox Plunge, and while I find it interesting, I’m not sure I want to stick to any one faction/caster long enough to really champion them next year. Instead, I’ll come up with a list of casters and other pieces from each faction I’m interested in playing at a tournament. These will range from some of the normal power casters to some of the lesser used dudes, and some of the actual lists I want to try are just downright weird.


Menoth – Kreoss3, Thyra

Cygnar – eStryker, Kraye, eCaine, Nemo3, Nemo2

Khador – Butcher1, Vlad1, Vlad3, Demolisher, Devastator

Mercs – Ashlynn, Damiano, Durgen (curse you RobertShepherd!)

Retribution – eVyros, pVyros, Ossyan, Ravyn, Sphinx, Aspis

Legion – eLylyth, pThagrosh, Rhyas, pLylyth (Damn you phatasian!), Archangel, Carnivean

Skorne – Naaresh, eHexy, Mammoth!

Trollbloods – Calandra, Nyss, Witch Doctor

Circle – Kromac, eKaya, Cassius, Morvhana, Mohsar, pKrueger


Obviously that’s a shitload of different stuff, and I’ve no intention of playing every single one of those lists at a tournament (I would need a lot more tournaments for one thing)! Also, this list tends to change fairly rapidly according to whim and whimsy. Regardless, I am going to set my goal as playing a minimum of 5 different factions at tournaments this year.

This then ties in to my next goal, which is to be as competitive as I can be with the intent of using that much stuff. This is going to require very different preparation than what I’ve done previously, where I would play the crap out of one faction exclusively for a decent period of time, tweaking and playtesting and finetuning my lists, normally with a target of a certain large event as the culmination of those efforts.

Now however, I’m not really going to have the time with any particular faction to do that. I figure I can go for a couple of different methods. The first would be to do a shorter version of what I have been doing, allocate a couple of months to a faction and play them at whatever events happen to occur in that timeframe. The other would be to throw caution to the wind, play whatever I feel like all year, and hope to just play lots of game against a variety of opponents to development my fundamentals to the point where I can play a solid game at any time with any faction (aka the Chuck method). I think I’m going to go for the second method.


The next part can be something of an anti-point to the previous competitive component – I want to get more out of my tournaments socially than what I have been. The reason I say this can be somewhat counter to the competitive part is an example from Gencon this year. I went in to Gencon not intending to play a great deal of Warmachine, instead wanting to demo some new games, play some boardgames and especially to play some IKRPG. However I ended up doing way better than I expected in the Hardcore army swap and qualified for Masters, so priorities shifted a bit. Having now experienced a bit more of play at the top end of things, I’m determined to get a bit more of the social side of our community. One of our local players Tobias Ford (who was also at Gencon) has been bugging me to play some boardgames and such after recent events, and I intend to make sure this happens a bit more as a start. Similarly, if I manage to get to WMW, I’ll have a crack at the Last Chancer, and if I get in it will just be that and the Invitational, the rest will be random shenanigans. If I don’t those random shenanigans might involve some Warmahordes (probably Who’s the Boss!).


So I’m actually pretty efficient at getting models painted. I paint to a decent standard fairly quickly, and I actually tend to prefer painting infantry to the more juicy stuff, so I don;t have the problems with painting units that many people do. However, as seen above, I play most factions, and I’m an even more efficient shopper than painter, so I still have a huge backlog of unpainted models. My painting motivation tends to go alongside my playing, so models I’m super keen to play with tend to get painted. By playing a bit of everything, I’m also hoping it will encourage me to paint a bit of everything. My goal is to increase my painted percentage for every faction by the end of the year, including new purchases made through the year. I’ll make a thread in the forums to track this a bit.


Something I found last year was that there weren’t enough tournament going on in my local meta. I helped this a bit for other players by organising Brismachine, which went very well. With the help of some of the Pressgangers in the area (and anyone else who’d like to volunteer), we’re in the process of looking at starting up a league of tournaments throughout the year. We have a whole bunch of different ideas, like running a points system to crown an overall league champion, having a theme for each event and awarding bonus points for it, looking at the Golden Troll painting system, and plenty of other things. The main goal though, is simply to have a good variety of events for the Brisbane meta, trying to cater for all different sorts of players.


One of the awesome things about the Super Series finals recently was that it really started to bring some of the far flung parts of the Australian Warmahordes community together. Australia is almost identical in size to the continental US, but with only 20 million people, largely spread out around the coastline of the country, so our metas can be very disconnected. Seeing players from Western Australia, South Australia, and northern Queensland was awesome, and it made me much more keen to try and get to some of those places for their events. I’m particularly keen to try and get over to WA.


Last but not least, I’m keen for another trip over the US, and this time I’m aiming for Warmachine Weekend. I have some vague ideas at the moment, primarily revolving around the fact I’m expecting it to be bloody cold, which I’m a total wuss about. So I’m thinking of a trip down to Houston to visit with the Texas folks, and maybe also try and fit in a Houston Texans game, who are the NFL team I follow. I’ll also have to harass phatasian again, and probably experience the rumble strips on the trip down to St Louis. I may also try and hang out in St Louis and/or Springfield for a bit. None of these ideas have gone beyond my head before this writing though, but if past experiences are anything to go by, the locals in these parts will be extremely hospitable and I’ll have an awesome time, while eating way too much BBQ!


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