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Hello everyone! Apologies for being MIA for the last couple of weeks but work is taking its toll and I have accountancy exams coming up. As a result I’m not going to discuss in full detail the tournament reports from the last tournament I went to. Suffice to say it was very good fun using the beta version of the new scenario pack. I had some reservations when I saw it but after playing some of the new scenarios I think it’s a great improvement overall and I think it’ll be very good for the game.

In the tournament I used my Cygnar and decided to use only painted models for fun. As such I went with Haley1 and Siege, both with Stormwall. I ended up coming third after losing in the last round fairly decisively to Krueger2. Very good fun and I look forward to the next such event.

Due to a noticeable lack of time at the moment I decided, instead of going into the games in detail, to show you pretty pictures of my Circle army! My wife enjoys taking pictures and she very nicely agreed to photograph my painting efforts for these articles using her new light box. Rather than go into tactical depth this time I figured I’d let you see the progress I’m making in other parts of the hobby. As a disclaimer you should be aware that I am not a particularly good painter. My goal is to become a proficient tabletop standard painter and I have decided to do the ‘Play it Painted 2013’ challenge as issued by Muse. I’m quite proud of my Circle so far but I welcome constructive criticism if you think there is something different I should try!

So, the casters to start:
































I particuarly like Kaya and Laris here and I like the cloaks on the Kruegers. Casters to come include Kaya1, Baldur1 and Mohsar. Next, all of the solos and units:

















































Unfortunately, the Blackclad is missing his arm just now but the cloak is the only interesting bit of the model anyway! I’m especially proud of the Druid Wilder here actually, she came out pretty well. Since these were taken I have also finished my Bloodtrackers with Nuala and coming soon are my Druids with Overseer and a second Blackclad. Finally, the beasts:




























































Aside from these I also have another Woldwarden, a Wold Guardian, a Feral and a Pureblood painted but their pictures stubbornly did not want to upload… I guess you’ll have to make do! I do have one beast on the horizon to paint that is a little unusual but I think I’ll leave it as a surprise which I’ll cover in my next article. I will be heading back to Circle for some more tactical insights and the run down on one of my favourite lists that I’ve constructed.


Hope you enjoyed these. As always please feel free to leave comments!










Author: PurchasedPig

Hi there, PurchasedPig here, based in bonnie Scotland in the UK. I'm a relatively recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes from the GW systems (been playing for about a year and a half). I played 40k from aged 11 and sort of kept going with Wargaming from there... I have a severe case of Faction ADD and collect more factions than not. As a result I feel like I have a lot of information to extol! Hopefully any ramblings are appreciated, give me a shout if you want to know anything else!

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