Chewin’ the Fat 6

Tournament results! Ahem… Let me start over. For those following these articles you’ll know that I’ve been preparing for a tournament for the last couple of weeks. There ended up being 21 players total and 5 rounds which was great fun. The last couple of articles are linked below for convenience:

I ended up going for a Caine2 list very similar to the one mentioned in article 4 and a Haley1 list identical to the one listed in article 5 with the small exception of the reinforcements being a Minuteman and 2 Stormsmiths:

Captain Allister Caine                                +5

–       Ol’ Rowdy                                                9

–       Squire                                                      2

6 Boomhowlers                                           6

10 Horgenhold Forge Guard                     8

6 Rangers                                                      5

Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt                     4

Rhupert Carvolo                                          2

Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator                   1

Journeyman Warcaster                              3



Minuteman                                                   5

Gorman Di Wulfe                                         2


I did take pictures of every round of all the games and can post up more if people want. As it stands this post is quite long so I put one photo in from each of the 5 games showing what I consider the pivotal turn of that game. So, without further ado, lets begin:



In Round 1 I get matched against Becky Barton with Circle. Her lists are Kromac and Krueger2. It was around this time that I realised that Krueger2 trumps a lot of my tricks, especially with the scenario lined up as Incursion…

Krueger the Stormlord                                +5

–       Ghetorix                                                   11

–       Megalith                                                  11

–       Gorax                                                       4

6 Tharn Bloodtrackers                                5

– Nuala The Huntress                                 2

Shifting Stones                                            2

– Stone Keeper                                             1

Shifting Stones                                            2

Gallows Grove                                              1

Gallows Grove                                              1


As expected the matchup was Krueger2 vs. Caine2, mainly because my Haley list had absolutely no game against Storm Wall. I won the roll off and decided to go first. We both set up quite centrally and turn 1 begins.

I decide to go fairly strongly towards the left hand flag to try and focus my power with some stuff moving up relatively slowly towards the right. I throw out all of my upkeeps, Heightened Reflexes on Boomhowlers, Blur on Rangers, True Shot on Caine and Arcane Shield on Forge Guard. She advances fairly solidly down the middle and the left flag disappears… Wonderful.

At this point, with the left hand flag gone, I realise that I need to go all out into the flags to avoid auto-losing to Kruegers Feat. I Magic Bullet a Ranger and then they shoot the Bloodtrackers opposite with the Magic Bullet going into Nuala and taking her down to 1hp. The rest of my army runs right into the middle of the board expecting the lack of attacks from the opposing army to struggle taking me down and Ol’ Rowdy moves up in front of Caine and uses Imprint: Grudge (for the first time ever). Becky decides to take the bait and double teleport a Primaled Ghetorix into Ol’ Rowdy. At this point we later discovered that I cheated which is a shame… Ghetorix hits Rowdy and then I used Grudge (rather than wait until after his full activation as you are supposed to do) and gets the critical knockdown. This was a big mistake but, luckily, it did not have much effect on the rest of the game. Crucially, Becky did not Feat this turn as I expected she would and Megalith killed a few Rangers. No points were scored here.

In the next turn Aiyanna and Holt killed a stray Gallows Grove while basing themselves with the flag. The rest of my army advanced very aggressively, killing Stones, all the Bloodtrackers and badly wounding Megalith. Over in the backfield Ol’ Rowdy kills Ghetorix with 3 Focus. Becky’s counterattack was simply not strong enough and the Feat couldn’t get Aiyanna and Holt off the flag. No model went to contest my flag and I scored a point in her turn before getting another one in my turn to win the game 3-0.

Learning points:

  1. Caine’s infantry horde is great for jamming scenario zones.
  2. Always check your rules! Becky was luckily fine with the situation but I was not. I felt quite bad about killing Ghetorix for no repercussion because of this but luckily it would not have affected the scenario victory, especially since he was Primaled and, as such, would not have been able to move into contesting range even if he had survived Caines Feat.
  3. Caine never Feated because of Storm Wall. Luckily it wasn’t necessary here because his army did the work for him. Krueger2 scares me silly as a Cygnar player…



In Round 2 I get matched against Richard McHale with his Menoth. My plan for dodging Circle, Menoth and Retribution is not going well… He has Kreoss1 and Severius2. Expecting Kreoss I chose Haley because Stormwall would protect her from Pop ‘n’ Drop but was surprised by:

Hierarch Severius                                        +5

–       Reckoner                                                 8

–       Blessing Of Vengeance                       7

Vessel Of Judgement                                  9

6 Knights Exemplar                                     5

4 Choir of Menoth                                       2

Visgoth Rhoven & Honour Guards           4

Wracks                                                           1

Vassal of Menoth                                         2

Vassal of Menoth                                         2


Suddenly standing behind Stormwall wouldn’t provide safety but instead would give a target for 2 mini Ashes to Ashes a turn bouncing into Haley! I lost the roll off and end up going second. The scenario is Gauntlet.

Severius’ force moves slowly up towards his zone. I am quite worried by all of the anti-infantry power that could come from Severius, through the Blessing, and the Vessel so advance in a widespread formation across the board. Haley puts Arcane Shield on herself to discourage floating Pow 10’s and Stormwall advances menacingly.

He decides to thin out my infantry with the arcing gun on Severius and the Vessels gun, He also Feats in a very interesting way. He gets 5 guys, one of my rangers runs over towards the Black 13th and 4 Gun Mages kill all of the Black 13th using my own Ranger bonus! By the end of all of this he has killed the Black 13th, 2 Gun Mages and a Ranger and he runs to engage with his Knights Exemplar. I know that this is crunch time and have to clear enough of his stuff to gain in the attrition fight. Crucially, I know that the Vessel has to die this turn or I will lose far too much infantry too fast to retaliate. Haley Feats and uses her hand cannon shots to kill one Knight Exemplar. The Rangers and Gun Mages between them kill all of the Knights Exemplar and a Vassal as well as putting 2 points on the Vessel taking it down to 16 health (it took 2 damage previous turn for boosting and 2 more for miracle-ing a Knight Exemplar into killing a Ranger). Now was time to roll dice. The Stormwall threw 3 boosted Pow 15’s at the Vessel and rolls just enough to kill it. A sigh of relief was made.

Losing the Vessel was a big deal here and Richard was trying to think of how to come back. He arcs his gun through Blessing to kill 2 more Gun Mages. He advances Blessing further into my backfield. I proceed to kill both of Rhovens bodyguards, all of the Choir, the remaining Vassal and take Severius down to 1 point of health with Stormwalls guns!

Richard now goes for a very solid assassination attempt… A fully boosted Hex Blast takes Haley down to 3 health in one go… Another boosted to hit Hex Blast rolls a 6 to hit and misses! Another sigh of relief… I kill everything in the army apart from Severius, Rhoven and the Blessing.

He charges Severius in attempt to get Haley within 10”. He can’t, Stormwall pulps him.

This was the best game I played all tournament. It was incredibly tough and tense. There was a point where we thought Richard would win by dice down which, luckily didn’t come up! Overall, a fantastic game.

Learning points:

  1. Haley is really fragile!
  2. Severius is slightly more fragile…
  3. Building for Haley1’s Feat is fantastic fun.



Round 3 I play Allan Gibb with Retribution. The trinity is complete. He has Rahn and Ravyn (but luckily no Strike Force). I pick Haley and face Rahn:

Adeptis Rahn                                                +6

–       Daemon                                                   9

–       Sphinx                                                     7

6 House Shyeel Battle Mages                   5

6 House Shyeel Battle Mages                   5

10 Dawnguard Sentinels                            9

– Officer and Standard                               2

House Shyeel Magister                               2

House Shyeel Magister                               2


Lots of potentially powerful Magic attacks but no arc node and no Mage Hunters so I felt fairly confident. I win the roll and go first. The scenario is Close Quarters.

I advance very aggressively and put Arcane Shield on Stormwall. He advances a little more cautiously and throws up Polarity Shield on his Daemon, which advances to protect his zone.

I decide not to feat here. Instead I advance even more aggressively. Stormwall is in my zone to stop him scoring and he does a fair bit of damage to the Sphinx with his Big Guns. The Rangers perform a big flanking run into cover on his side of the board. He chooses to Feat but it ends up being lacklustre. He couldn’t do much damage to Stormwall and the Rangers he was attacking were Defence 20 in cover.

I now choose to Feat and wipe out most of the opposing army. The Daemon is pushed out of the zone by Gun Mages, the Sphinx dies, the Battle Mages all die and most of the Sentinels die. I score a point.

He contests with the Daemon, runs to engage with the remaining Sentinels. I kill off the Sentinels and push out the Daemon once again to score again. He does not have the ability to stay in the game from here and I score again next turn.

This game favoured Haley quite heavily with no Strike Force or arc nodes to worry about. All I had to do was keep Haley behind Stormwall and kill things which she does well.

Learning points:

  1. Haley1’s Feat is SO fun.
  2. Gun mages are awesome in Close Quarters.



Round 4 I played David Kane using his tie-dye Mercs. Gorten and Magnus1 were the possible opponents here: I choose Haley again because I know she can gun down Mercs like nobodies business. I get paired against:

Magnus the Traitor                                      +6

–       Mangler                                                   8

–       Renegade                                                6

–       Renegade                                                6

6 Kayazy Assassins                                     5

– Kayazy Assassin Underboss                  2

10 Steelhead Halberdiers                           6

Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord                   2

Gorman Di Wulfe                                         2

Master Gunner Dougal MacNaille         2

Kell Bailoch                                                  2



– Talon                                                           4

Kayazy Eliminators                                     3


The only thing I was worried about here was the Renegade Pop ‘n’ Drop. I figured I’d keep Haley behind Stormwall every turn within 1” so there wasn’t a possibility of him using Arcing Fire. He goes first and the scenario is Outflank, Outfight, Outlast.

He runs forward pretty much straight. So do I. He then runs to engage with his Kayazy, his reinforcements and his Steelheads and uses a Sniped Gorman to Black Oil Stormwall before cycling Snipe to a Renegade. I now use Haley’s Feat and Deadeye the Gun Mages. The Gun Mages all aim and shoot at effective Rat 12 with Deadeye. This clears all of the engaging Kayazy and quite a few of the tough Steelheads. On the other side the Black 13th kill all of the rest of the Steelheads to free up the Rangers and Stormwall. The Rangers blow up Kell Bailoch and do a bit of damage to the Mangler. The Stormwall advances (DANGER!) and pods to kill Gorman. The Stormsmiths from the reserves disrupt the Mangler.

It looks like I’m massively in the lead but my initial plan to keep Haley within 1” of Stormwall appears not to have been remembered in the heat of battle… Dougal minifeats and artillerists the previously Sniped Renegade. It shoots at Range 20, boosting to hit and damage to take Haley down to 2 health. Snipe is cycled to the second Renegade. Haley implodes. A loss to assassination.

A bit of a shame because I could easily have kept the Stormwall where he was and won the attrition fight or even just moved Haley back to get out of dodge. David played very well though and I have newfound respect for Renegades!

Learning points:

  1. Renegades are bad.
  2. Sniped Gorman is hilarious.
  3. Renegades are really bad.



Round 5, FIGHT! I am now playing for 3rd place/best in Cygnar. I face Colin McNeil with his Legion in Bunkers:

Vayl, Consul of Everblight                          +6

–       Angelius                                                9 (8)

–       Angelius                                                9 (8)

–       Ravagore                                               10 (9)

–       Ravagore                                               10 (9)

–       Harrier                                                     2

7 Spawning Vessel                                      3

Shepherd                                                       1

Shepherd                                                       1



– Seraph                                                        8 (7)


Caine2 was always going to be my choice against Legion. I was happy he got to play in Bunkers too. He won first turn and moved forward very aggressively throwing out all of his upkeeps, as did I. He also kills most of his own spawning vessel acolytes to get a free Shredder. I ran mainly to the right hand zone with Rowdy and Boomhowlers going to defend the left.

He Feats to get rid of all of my upkeeps. One of his Angels Refuge charges Rowdy and takes out his hammer. His Seraph moves near the zone but fails to gun down my Boomhowlers because of super tough. In my turn my reinforcements come on and I decide I want to score a point. There is only an Angelius in the zone. Gorman walks in from the reinforcements line and blinds the Angelius. Aiyanna Harms it and Holt and the Rangers hurt it badly. The Minuteman moves in and he Admonitions into base to base with it so that the Minutemans Pow 9’s can punch it to death – satisfying! I score a point.

In his turn he contests the zone with a Ravagore and a Shredder. In my zone he only kills 2 Boomhowlers because of super tough. In my turn Caine feats and I kills everything in the zone with his initials to win by scenario.

This was tilted fairly heavily in my favour because Caine can kill half of the heavies by himself. It all went to plan.

Learning points:

  1. Blinded, Kiss Of Lyliss-ed Angelius (with Eyeless Sight no less) are very sad.
  2. Caine2’s feat is satisfying against Legion beasts.


So this was the tournament! I went 4-1 and managed to get both 3rd place and the best in Cygnar award. David Kane lost in the last round to Ross Silvers and his Circle but it was his Mercenaries debut and he did very well with them to get 2nd!

You will no doubt be very happy to know that yesterday there was another tournament with 10 people where we tested the new SR2013 scenarios! I used Siege and Haley1 this time around and you can look forward to those reports next week!

Hope you enjoyed these reports. As always please feel free to leave comments!




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