Chewin’ the Fat 2

Hello again fellow Warmahordes fans! If you read my first post last week you’ll already know roughly what I’m going to be talking about this week. If you haven’t read it then here, I’ll wait for you to catch up…

So, as planned I did indeed go to Skirmish and played in the WarMachine tournament. It was a really fun day overall despite being a smaller event than was initially expected. We ended up getting 8 people which was a bit of a shame but everyone had a great day despite that! A quick thanks goes to the PG who held the event, PG_Azhdeen, as I know it was not easy to organize whatsoever with lots of last minute cancellations. Kudos!

Knowing that my eKaya list was set in stone I eventually decided on pKrueger for the alternate list although I replaced the Bloodtrackers and 1 Gallows Grove with a Feral Warpwolf and a Blackclad Wayfarer. The reason for this was simple – it meant I could use 2 fully painted armies rather than 1. As a result the list composition did suffer a bit (Spoiler!) but my army did look pretty. The plan for the Krueger list was fairly simple. He would kill all the infantry on the board with his feat and Chain Lightning through himself, the Gallows Grove and potentially Megalith. The rest of the list consisted of heavies so I felt I could piece trade fairly effectively there.

Before I go into Round 1 it should be noted that there were no Divide & Conquer restrictions as nobody really likes them… With that knowledge the first round drawings were made and I got matched against Steve McConnachie with his Skorne army. He had a choice of eMakeda or Xerxis and ended up taking eMakeda. His list was as follows:

eMakeda                                            +5

– Tiberion                                           11

– Titan Gladiator                               8

– Cyclops Shaman                             5

– Cyclops Savage                                5

– Cyclops Savage                                5


Paingiver Beast Handlers               2

Max Nihilators                                  8

Min Ferox                                            7

Void Spirit                                           2

Saxon Orrik                                        2


I chose Krueger for this matchup as I was worried eMakeda would out threat eKaya which didn’t seem good! The scenario was Gauntlet.

Steve gets first turn and advances very aggressively with his Ferox moving up on my left flank and the Nihilators getting Pathfinder on my right to run through a big forest with everything else running down the middle. On my first turn I advance all of my stuff behind some handy linear obstacles including leaving Krueger within charge range of both Savages after casting Skyborne on himself.

On Steve’s second turn he took the bait and feated, enraged and charged with the Savages. Needing 13’s to hit over the wall, even with the boosts from the feat, didn’t work too well and they failed miserably. His Ferox go for Ghetorix but don’t achieve all that much and he kills a Stone and the Gallows Grove with the Nihilators. I weathered the feat! Now its my turn. I feat, killing 7 Nihilators. The Blackclad kills another one, Ghetorix kills 2 of the Ferox and almost kills one of the Savages with the Stalker coming in and killing both Savages. Everything else jockeyed for position and advanced up.

Steve now tries for a big piece trade hoping Tiberion and a Void spirit can kill at least 2 heavies themselves. Ghetorix dies and Megalith is crippled without being killed. The remaining 2 Nihilators kill the Blackclad. The Stalker is now Primaled and kills Tiberion and the Void Spirit single-handedly. A Lightning Tendrils Feral goes in and kills the Shaman with half of the Paingivers exploding to electro-leaps. The Gorax now charges out of control area to kill off Saxon. One of the random stones teleports next to a Paingiver and a Nihilator for a Rock Hammer to kill both. At this point he only really has Makeda, a Gladiator, 1 Paingiver and 1 Nihilator. I am also out of his threat range so he tries to back up out of mine. He doesn’t go far enough and everything dies to the Feral except Makeda. Makeda engines to kill off the Feral and then she dies to a stray Chain Lightning. A win after killing off every model on the table.

So, a fairly successful Round 1 then. After a short break the 2nd Round pairings were announced and I was matched up with Luke Mason, a Cryx player who I have something of a running rivalry with. He was running Skarre in both prime and epic forms and chose prime Skarre.

pSkarre                                                +6

– Kraken                                               19


10 Satyxis Blood Witches                 6

– Blood Hag                                          2

10 Bloodgorgers                                  8

Necrosurgeon                                      2

Necrosurgeon                                       2

Min Mechanithralls                           3

Min Mechanithralls                           3

Necrotech                                               1

3 Scrap Thralls                                     1

Skarlock Thrall                                    2

Gerlak Slaughterborn                         3

Saxon Orrik                                          2

Gorman Di Wulfe                                2


I chose Krueger once again as he is (generally speaking) good against Cryx infantry. The scenario was Supply and Demand. This was a bit of a rough match with some dice spiking on both sides but I’ll let the report explain…

I got first turn this time and advanced up into my zone. He ran everything except the Kraken who fired a unicorn cannon shot to kill off a stone whilst the Skarlock worked the Focus engine at the back.

On my turn I tried to go on the offense. Using Chain Lightning through the Gallows Grove I managed to kill off the Blood Hag and 7 Blood Witches. He now Feated and charged. This went badly. He killed off my Gallows Grove and a stone with the Blood Witches. Gorman was just within 12” of Megalith and blinded him for pretty much no reason as the Kraken then went in and ripped him apart along with 2/3 of the Feral rolling some pretty high numbers. His Bloodgorgers created a big jam to my left. Ouch.

I tried to counter-attack here. My Stalker teleported into Reach range of 6 Bloodgorgers, warped Berserk and proceeded to kill 1 Bloodgorger with all of his Fury… Damn Tough. A Chain Lightning killed nothing whatsoever because of all of the extra armour and both Ghetorix and the Feral primaled only did half damage to Kraken with some pretty dreadful rolls. Not going well.

He now creates a total of 6 Mechanithralls and gets bases to base with my objective with both a Satyxis Blood Witch and a Mechanithrall on each side. The Kraken kills off the Feral, the Bloodgorgers killed off the Stalker, Gerlak kills off the Blackclad, the Stone Keeper and a stone. Ghetorix has only 4 health left at the end and he advances Skarre to within 4” of his flag to score a point. At this stage Luke is apologizing to me for the differences in our rolls…

Ghetorix frenzies and does a grand total of 3 damage to the Kraken. No chance I’m killing that in this game now. I have Krueger in my zone, a Gorax surrounded by Mechanithralls and some stones that have no full units. I realize that I can’t even kill both models in contact with my flag without using Krueger himself. I tell Luke that I have to go for the jankiest assassination run ever. The plan was thus: Skarre was 4” away from the objective, camping 2, with Saxon between her and it. There were also 6 Mechanithralls very close to the objective and a Necrosurgeon closer to Saxon in the opposite direction from Skarre. Krueger Skybornes up and flies next to the Kraken within 10” of his objective. I Feat and kill all the Mechanithralls and the Necrosurgeon and deal a boosted POW 10 to Skarre rolling an 11 and taking her down to 7 health. I now do a Chain Lightning onto the objective and roll the 2 I need to bounce onto Skarre. I use my last Fury to boost the POW 10 on Skarre saying the immortal words “I need a 14, oh well sometimes it happens”. A roll of exactly 14 later and Skarre was fried to death. So that’s… a win?

A ridiculously lucky win that just shows you’re never quite out of the game! In all fairness I didn’t deserve to win that game realistically but I was happy with my long shot assassination run. I apologized to Luke a fair amount over the course of the day… After this triumphant win I was looking into the final round against Frazer Penman and his Trollbloods. I have played a few games against Frazer in tournaments before and they have gone both ways. I always feel like my Troll matchup is pretty bad anyway as I have very little practice against them. As soon as I saw his lists I realized that my list composition was a pretty huge mistake. pMadrak with Mountain King and lots of dudes or pDoomshaper with Mulg and heavies. Both lists had the full Krielstone and jam infantry supported by big scary things. He chose pDoomshaper for the final round.

pDoomshaper                                  +7

– Mulg                                                 12

– Earthborn                                       10

– Bomber                                            10

– Impaler                                              5


Max Fennblades                               8

– Fennblade UA                                 2

Max Krielstone                                  4

– Krielstone UA                                  1

5 Whelps                                             2

Janissa Stonetide                              3



– Axer                                                     6

Runeshapers                                        4


I decided to choose Krueger for a third time for a couple of reasons. Both lists I had were almost all beasts (i.e. neither would appreciate pDoomshaper) and I was more comfortable with the Krueger list now that I had been using it all day. I wasn’t happy with the matchup from the start but I didn’t realize quite how rough it was going to be! I was initially planning to use Kruegers feat in an attempt to get rid of the Krielstone early if the opportunity presented itself.

I got first turn and advanced up using Skyborne and giving Lightning Tendrils to the Feral. Everything else moves up fairly aggressively. He moves the Fennblades up very aggressively and casts Banishing Ward on them. Everything else moves up in more of a reserves roll.

I Feat now and kill off 5 Fennblades. I Chain Lightning onto one of my own stones to kill 2 more Fennblades. I couldn’t quite kill enough to get Ghetorix a lane onto Mulg which was a shame. My reinforcement Stalker appeared and ripped through a couple of Krielstone members and the Fennblade officer. I decided to go for a big alpha strike run and make a huge mistake… I cast Primal on my Feral and then subsequently realize that I had not upkept Lightning Tendrils. I wasn’t going to be in range of Mulg and I’d already cast Primal. I ended up running him into melee with all 3 of his Dire Trolls as a distraction. Fantastic. He takes proper advantage of my idiocy. He Rampagers my reinforcement Stalker up next to Mulg. The now Fortuned Mulg kills off the Stalker whilst the Bomber and Earthborn take out Megalith. He now pops his Feat stopping me from doing much at all…

He now chooses my Feral Warpwolf’s frenzy direction – directly back to kill a stone and expose his back to all of his heavies. I can’t even force this turn without exploding so I try (and fail) to jockey a bit for position. Mulg then rips apart Ghetorix and everything else he has rips apart the Feral. His reinforcements come on this turn and head for the flags.

I manage to kill off the bomber with my remaining Stalker but it’s simply too little too late. He doesn’t leave any opportunities for a run onto Doomshaper so I do a suicidal run and do nothing whatsoever. Doomshaper himself smacks Krueger down with a big club.

A whitewash. I deserved to lose this from every aspect. He had a superior matchup, he played well and I played like an idiot. Overall I feel like my lack of any infantry really hurt this matchup as I needed something to jam into him while I worked around his feat. Without this tool available I had to just throw Warpwolves at him until they all disappeared. It did not go well.

So, 1 deserved win, 1 lucky win and 1 loss. I came away with 2nd place, which I was pleased with, and plenty of food for thought on how to play with Circle. In next weeks article I’ll try and go over the things I feel I learned from the event in how Circle play along with some revised thoughts on Circle casters and list composition.

Hope you found the reports interesting, feel free to leave comments and such below, I appreciate feedback and hope you enjoyed this and will continue to enjoy the coming articles!


See you next time,



Author: PurchasedPig

Hi there, PurchasedPig here, based in bonnie Scotland in the UK. I'm a relatively recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes from the GW systems (been playing for about a year and a half). I played 40k from aged 11 and sort of kept going with Wargaming from there... I have a severe case of Faction ADD and collect more factions than not. As a result I feel like I have a lot of information to extol! Hopefully any ramblings are appreciated, give me a shout if you want to know anything else!

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