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     Good ‘morrow to thee WarmaHordes world! You have no idea who I am but that’s fine. PurchasedPig from the forums here to do a (hopefully) weekly article doing just what the title implies, chewin’ the fat. For those who don’t know the expression it’s just a British colloquialism meaning ‘to make small talk’. On that note I am British (specifically from Scotland) and, as such, I will be focusing somewhat on local events and will hopefully be able to provide a bit of a different perspective on how the game is played in a different country. As a disclaimer, I love this game and spend a lot of time on it but I do not declare myself to be an amazing player, I’ve won a few tournaments and I went 4-3 in the UK Masters last year.

My new baby…

So, without further ado, I’ll get onto the meat of this first article. I suffer from an illness – it’s called Faction ADD and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. I have owned and sold Cryx and Khador. I still own Cygnar, Mercs, Circle, Legion and Skorne with Menoth coming this weekend… My current kick, however, is Circle Orboros. I got a good deal on a large Circle army a month or two ago and finally got around to playing my first game with them at a small 25pts tournament in Dundee last weekend. They. Are. Awesome. I really enjoyed the complexity of the army and, after losing one round and coming 3rd, my mind was absolutely buzzing with Circle-ness.

For my inaugural tournament I decided to use pKrueger and Morvahna. The lists were relatively simplistic and I won’t go too much into them here for lack of time but they both performed really well. pKrueger does seem to find playing Cryx really fun though. I do have another tournament this Saturday coming at an event called ‘Skirmish’ in Livingston. This one will be 50pts with an expected 4 rounds and I’ve been theory-crafting all week instead of working… Oh well.

When I create tournament lists I generally start with a list I really want to play and then take a 2nd list to complement it. After a little thought I decided my main caster was going to be eKaya, mainly because I’ve played against her, she’s impressive and there is a lot of Ret in my local meta who she just laughs at. With this in mind I constructed the following list to be my main:

Kaya                                                   +3

- Laris                                                            -

- Druid Wilder                                   2

- Warpwolf Stalker                          10

- Warpwolf Stalker                          10

- Pureblood Warpwolf                    9

- Gorax                                              4

The big bad bitch. And Kaya. Get it.

- Woldwatcher                                  5

Shifting Stones                                2

- Stone Keeper                                 1

Shifting Stones                                2

Gallows Grove                                  1

Gallows Grove                                  1

Lord of the Feast                             4

Blackclad Wayfarer                         2


Come at me bro. I dare ya!

For the most part this list is fairly standard eKaya list with a few flourishes of my own. The thing people have commented on the most is the inclusion of the Woldwatcher and Gallows Groves as well as the exclusion of Ghetorix. The Woldwatcher is actually one of my favourite aspects of this list for 2 reasons. The first is purely a matchup issue. I have lost enough times to Ret to groan every time I see MHSF and I know that Rets only viable answers to eKaya and eLylyth are Kaelyssa with her surprisingly solid assassination run (against those two anyway) and Rahn because he’s just a boss. The ‘watcher solves both of these problems. Against Kaelyssa I now have a shield guard which single handedly stops her assassination run. Against Rahn we now have a model that can go into a zone and be immoveable apart from with TK, which can be worked around. Simple, I now don’t fear Ret. The second is alluded to above but I feel that eKaya has trouble defending zones with her feat shenanigans and this is probably the best way to try and beat her. Suddenly we now have a stealthed ARM 21 model that cannot be pushed toeing in. As I said before, I love this model in this list. The Gallows Groves are similarly there to add an extra element of zone holding and arcing Dog Pile without risking Laris. I am less sure about them but they stay for now because I don’t own any other options for 2pts yet.

The reason Ghetorix is excluded is simply because I want him in my next list and I don’t think she needs him. With Forced Evo and Primal/Wraithbane, depending on target, her Stalkers can take care of anything.

Knowing this first list I then had to make the choice of 2nd list. This one is slightly more difficult as I want to cover her weaknesses. Funnily enough I remain undecided on the caster I’m going to use but the list is already pretty much written:

?                                                          +5

- Druid Wilder                                   2

- Ghetorix                                          11

- Megalith                                          11

- Warpwolf Stalker                          10

- Gorax                                              4

10 Tharn Bloodtrackers                 8

- Nuala the Huntress                      2

Shifting Stones                                2

- Stone Keeper                                 1

Shifting Stones                                2

Gallows Grove                                  1

Gallows Grove                                  1

This list has a lot going for it with the potential casters I will use as list 2. My options for caster are:

  1. Mohsar. This guy looks like great fun and would be my first choice. The problem is that I am new to Circle and he is complicated. I don’t really want to have 2 lists that I’m trying to figure out the complexities of for the first time in the tournament. After playtesting eKaya once I have come to the conclusion that just one list may be hard enough to learn for now!
  2. pKrueger. I’ve used him a couple of times before and he’s relatively simple. He HATES infantry which could complement Kaya well. If I took him then I would put a Feral in there somewhere to abuse Lightning Tendrils.
  3. pBaldur. Relatively easy to learn. May put a Wold Guardian in instead of Warpwolf Stalker I think.
  4. eBaldur. Also easy to learn and I feel his game against Menoth is fairly solid which my others are not.


The Emperor Palpatine of the woods.

After all this consideration I’m leaning towards pKrueger but remain unsure for now. I definitely want to learn Mohsar at some point but I don’t feel he would be good to learn under a deathclock! As for the list itself I reckon Megalith and Ghetorix go together for me every time. When I want to pay 11 points for a heavy with limited hitting power, i.e. Megalith, I can mitigate his low hitting power by taking a massive beatstick like Ghetorix. On top of this they both have fairly high armour (the Baldurs make this excessive). The Stalker, Gorax and Bloodtrackers all add a hit and run element to the list and good hitting power.

Now to explain where I think the matchups lie. eKaya has some strong and weak matchups. She is ridiculous against Ret, fantastic against Cygnar and Mercs, hilarious against most Skorne and Minions and maintains a strong game against other Circle. Her issues are Menoth first and foremost (Purification gets rid of Shadow Pack and Errants stop Berserk and Sprint), Cryx infantry horde (she just doesn’t have enough attacks), Khador Iron Fleshed stuff (even with Wraithbane the Stalker needs 8’s to hit Winter Guard) and Legion (they just flat out ignore Stealth…). With all this considered I think List 2 needs to be able to meet those matchups. If, as I suspect, I choose pKrueger then Cryx and Khador become easy for the most part. He just kills them dead. Legion is harder but he can kill Shepherds and Forsaken relatively easily and the MegaGheto combo is solid enough to potentially survive some alpha strikes. Menoth… I hate Menoth. At least I can potentially kill the Choir with Feat and Chain Lightning, which would help a lot. I think the 2 lists complement each other well and cover most matchups.

With all this list building talk I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hobby side of things. I don’t paint all that much so when I do I get really proud of myself. Over the last 4 days I have done a LOT of painting and should have at least 1 fully painted list on Saturday. This event is rare enough for celebration!

So, now you know the basics behind the lists I’m taking to Skirmish. If I manage to stick to my self-imposed schedule then there should be an article out next week where I go through a blow by blow of the tournament and how my shiny new Circle perform!

Feel free to leave comments and such below, I appreciate feedback and hope you enjoyed this and will continue to enjoy the coming articles!


See you next time,


Hi there, PurchasedPig here, based in bonnie Scotland in the UK. I'm a relatively recent convert to Warmachine/Hordes from the GW systems (been playing for about a year and a half). I played 40k from aged 11 and sort of kept going with Wargaming from there... I have a severe case of Faction ADD and collect more factions than not. As a result I feel like I have a lot of information to extol! Hopefully any ramblings are appreciated, give me a shout if you want to know anything else!
  1. Kallas Reply

    Good stuff. I shall be watching for more insight into Circle. God how I hate fighting Circle!


  2. Archnomad Reply

    Well pal, a find that if ye’ve goat a problem, ya dinnae want a wee man in yer corner. Ye want a big man.

    Naw bit seriously, Scottish gamers unite. <3

  3. PurchasedPig Reply

    Cheers guys, hopefully it goes well! They certainly are harder to learn than some of the other factions I’ve learnt!

  4. Fraser Reply

    “Ye noo own the Big Man 17,000 poun’.”

    Nice write up. Moan the Scottish Warmachiners!

  5. paradox Reply

    “On that note I am British (specifically from Scotland)”

    Great, now I read your whole article in the voice of Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Don’t ask me, my head just went there….

    Also, list two looks like it wants Kromac. Maybe there’s a trend here?

    • PurchasedPig Reply

      Kromac was definitely a consideration and I have had a question elsewhere about whether I think eKaya and Kromac are sufficiently different for Steamroller. Unfortunately, although I do think they are quite different and both look like great fun they just both suffer from some very bad matchups in the same place. I wouldn’t be comfortable with Khador with either of them or specific Cryx builds so I feel that in 2 list formats I’ll always have to choose one or the other!

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