Team ATL battle reports podcast

Brian, Stephen and I got together and made a battle report.   This is just all battle report. It goes on and on. There is a pause at the beginning after I talk for a bit…its like 30 seconds. This is just them messing with me, not a technical glitch. Brian is much quieter th
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Gencon By The Numbers

Alright, time for the big one! A look at Gencon Indy 2012. This included the 7 singles tournaments, but not the Team Tournament. Attendance A total of 186 players with 197 factions played 417 games. Faction # armies % armies Circle Orboros 27 14% Cryx 30 15% Cygnar 25 13% Khador 33 17
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Gencon 2012 – Pictures (updated)

  I attended Gencon 2012 all 4 days, and while I decided to skip playing any events I did manage to take  some  pictures of some of the warmachine events. I’ll start off by posting some of the events related to warmachine and end with just random pictures from the Con  
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