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Summer Terrain Project


I spent the majority of July working on a variety of terrain projects. I wanted to give our local game stores so more terrain and I also to make some terrain for some friends. I’m debating selling some terrain as well, so I wanted to see how much time it would take me to make various batches of terrain of different types.

I also had some fun making a multi layered terrain piece. I like the idea of a piece of terrain really being 2 or more types of terrain. I have made rough terrain hills in the past as an example.




I have made hills in the past that I was happy with, but they lacked a bit of style. I also am in a contest internal battle of making terrain as playable as possible, but still wanting terrain to look good.   In the past my hills have looked like this.
Going forward I want to add a bit more life to the hills.  First I simply cut out some shapes in some pink foam from Home Depot.

 photo 20130710_132814_zps943f2a2f.jpg



The hills are still fairly basic (I do not like to make hills with large sloped edges), but I have cut some angles into the side with the Hot Wire knife shown on the side.


 photo 20130710_144438_zps19fb3a82.jpg


I am going to make some different color hills as well. This is really a big experiment to see how a variety of different styles will look when done.


 photo 20130711_155710_zpsfe03d4f8.jpg


I then quickly drybrush some basic colors into the hills.


 photo 20130712_101600_zps44a4b789.jpg 

I use a combination of the 2 blended turf flock from Woodland Scenics. I find the result of mixing these two to look the nicest on hills/most terrain pieces


 photo 20130715_154256_zps4b9cf7ab.jpg

Here is the final result on my hills. I’m very happy with how these look. Next time I may use even less flock and make multi layer hills.


 photo 20130712_140623_zps2bc8b75e.jpg

Water Pieces 
I always enjoy having some nice water pieces on the game board.  I wanted to see if I could mass product some good water pieces.

I have used some caulk I bought at Wal~Mart. It is about $5 for a tube of caulk, and I used the entire tube to make these pieces.

 photo 20130712_161949_zps2e0f5bee.jpg

After the pieces dry I paint the basic colors on the terrain pieces.  I use a combination of blue/green for the base of water effects. I make the middle of the pieces a bit darker.
 photo 20130713_112400_zpsdf1f497d.jpg

After the first layer drys I then add in a little more detail.

 photo 20130713_151753_zps69006dd7.jpg

I use water effects by Woodland Scenics. it costs about $20 per bottle and I used an entire bottle making these pieces.  This is layer 1 of 3.

 photo 20130714_103536_zpse768ca53.jpg

The first layer takes 24 hours to dry. It also really thins out.  The second layer is added and I put in a combination of blue/green dyes and mixed it into the water effects. This really gives some variety to the final product
 photo 20130714_103557_zps51185b20.jpg

You can see the difference while it dries based on how much green/blue ink I added to the water effects.

 photo 20130714_103945_zpsf003c428.jpg

The last layer of water is added (I missed the picture, but I also lightly sprinkle some flock into the water to give it a “moss” type effect.

After that layer drys I think work on flocking the base. Here I am putting some glue on the sides of the base.

 photo 20130715_154222_zps56c4c84b.jpg 

This is just another  picture of the mixture of 2 flocks I use.

 photo 20130715_154256_zps4b9cf7ab.jpg

I just pour this all over the sides of the base.

 photo 20130715_154306_zps3deb3e89.jpg

I like to leave the edge by the water brown. The next 2 pictures also show some other flock colors added to the piece for additional effects.
 photo 20130715_190930_zps9f18f71b.jpg
 photo 20130716_062252_zps4870582e.jpg





I’ve covered how I make forests before. This will be a brief overview. 

Step 1, get all the pieces out ready to be flocked.

 photo 20130716_164913_zpsd11f9b20.jpg

I user the darker green flock for this. i want the pieces to stand out more as a forest.
 photo 20130717_062710_zpsb6419749.jpg

This time I have attached all the trees to 50mm bases.
 photo 20130717_220505_zps275ed40a.jpg

I have flocked all the bases for the trees.
 photo 20130718_081904_zpsedcd0771.jpg

I use a wide variety of materials to add in the final touches to the bases of the trees.
 photo 20130718_085122_zpsfd8667d6.jpg

some examples of final tree bases.

 photo 20130718_130922_zpse1fea579.jpg

Ruins & Standing Stones

I made a couple standing stone pieces. Sadly I did not do any in progress pictures.
 photo 5037bdc0-13e5-49c4-a207-581e5397dcd5_zps0efb752d.jpg

I have gone over making small wall / ruin pieces many times. I am gong to just quickly show some pictures of what I have done. These were all made with Hirst Art molds.


 photo 20130718_184755_zps413a4c8c.jpg

Base colors applied.
 photo 20130723_165347_zps153fdde9.jpg

Drybrush on the stone is done first.
 photo 20130723_214659_zps149919c9.jpg

I did some more ground effects as well.

 photo 20130724_061408_zpscf428be9.jpg 

Here is the final product with some additional flocking material being used on a lot of the pieces.

 photo 20130725_221551_zpsd459cb11.jpg



Forest/Hill Water Terrain Piece 

I have always liked the idea of making multi piece terrain. In the past I made some rough terrain hill pieces. This is an initial test piece.

I put a template down to see how much space a forest piece would take, and used some Caulk to make the outline of the water piece.
 photo 20130708_154847_zpsd56ce094.jpg

I then applied the gravel bits to the piece. (except where water/forest will be)
 photo 20130709_063415_zps7a507faf.jpg

I then painted/dry brushed the initial layers on the piece.

 photo 20130711_162846_zps8afdffaa.jpg

Here is the piece with some flock and the first layer of water.

 photo 20130712_161524_zps100c1560.jpg

This is the final look of the initial piece.
 photo 20130718_195025_zps07e4209b.jpg

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I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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