Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #8 – New Work Area & Making Forests

I wanted to cover 2 topics – I made some new terrain, and I have a new work area in my new apartment that I wanted to show some pictures of. I know some people are interested in other peoples work benches.




How to Create easy to use Forests

I am making some terrain for one of our local game stores again. Last week I made some generic wall pieces, but I didn’t take any pictures, because simple 4 inch walls aren’t too exciting.

I also spent the last week working on some forests.

Materials used.

  • I bought  a small package of tree from woodland scenic. (I can make trees, but the time/effort isn’t worth it) – 14 tress is about $25 and its all I needed.
  • I have a variety of flocking materials (pictures below)
  • Both .60 styrene sheets, and some flat wood boards to use as base for the trees.


Forest Bases

This part is fairly easy. I used some already cutout 1/4 inch wood boards I had from home Depot, and some cutout designs of the styrene sheets for the sizes of forest bases.

I then put flock on all of them.


Tree Bases

This part takes a little bit of work and time.

I need to cut out and paint the bases for the tree. I paint them brown, in case any flock falls off over time, it will look like dirt.

I cut out the small shapes with styrene. this way its sturdy enough to balance on.

In progress Paint pictures


Next step is to glue the tress to these bases



Now I need to get the base of these trees to look nice.

Some of the other flocking materials I used



Examples of finished bases.



Finished Trees







Work Area




I have recently moved and some of the challenges is setting up a new work area for working on terrain. I use to share a townhouse with some friends, and I had access to entire room that we used as a game room, and I had my terrain workstation setup.

Now that I live alone in an 1 bedroom apartment. Luckily I have a huge walk-in closet that helps me hold a lot of my tools and supplies.
The first step to getting back into working on terrain and painting is getting my work area all setup.

Here are the pictures of my new work area, which I’m very happy how it all turned out.

Corner of my room, where I will do all the work


Cabinet next to the table


Closet full of supplies – Top Shelves



Top Shelf (gravel and sand)


Bottom Shelf (tons of flock and more flock, and even more flock)


Closet full of supplies –  (drawers contain tons of Hirst art blocks and tons of just random supplies)


Back Corner





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