Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #7

by Brian Giese

It has been a while since I made my last terrain blog.  I have been busy playing warmachine and I move in a week, so I havent started any big new project recently.  I’m hoping to begin more big projects in the next couple months after I settle into my new apartment.


For now I did recently make some water pieces and some small ruin pieces. I donated all these pieces to our local game stores, as I feel it’s always nice to just have some nice water/wall pieces for people to play with.  I also feel its nice to have some different type of terrain pieces, so I made some rough terrain hill pieces.  These have been very popular.


Step 1

Start of the water pieces. I used some Cauk I bought at Wal-Mart for the edges. I then just put a layer of sand over the base.



Step 2

I painted the bottom of the water blueish/green, and just put a layer of green around the edge.



Step 3

I used Woodland scenic water effects. I poured  3 layers of water effects. Waited 1 day between layers for the water to dry.  I also added some small rocks and such between layers. I also put  a dusting of flock in the middle layer to make it look like algae





These are the final pictures, after I added a variety of flock.




I also created some small wall pieces/small ruin pieces



Rough Terrain hills


Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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