Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #6 (More Finished Pieces)

by Brian Giese

In my last update, I started to show off some final pictures of many of the pieces. This is my favorite part, as the months of hard work are now able to be shown.


This update will include some


General flocking materials – before I go into the pictures I wanted to show all the different materials I used to add flock and grass effects to the piece


General Pieces

This is one of the few pieces where it is in 2 parts. This will allow people to move minis around easier.

This is just a generic piece with some ruined buildings.

This piece is mostly empty to ensure we have some parts of the battlefield that can open up into some good combat.

Another more open piece

Random ruins piece

Crypt Piece
Base of the Crypt – This will allow me to put different pieces in this spot.

Crypt Piece



These are some tomb pieces I can add to the crypt if I want. I have not glued them down, as they take up a lot of space, and it makes difficult for models to move around.


Bell Tower


Base of the Bell Tower



First stage of the base coat.

Some final extra pieces I made to add some details to the piece



For the stained glass I am printing off an image on transparency sheets used for overhead projectors. I also had to glue them to back of a white piece of paper to brighten up the image.


Here is an example with and without the white background.

I also wanted to make one broken window and have some glass shards  that will lay on the ground next to broken windows.








Group Pictures

These are some pictures of everything setup next to each other with different setups, and the last pictures are from an actual game.








Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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