Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #5 (Progress on Ruined City Project)

by Brian Giese

My epic project to create a ruined city modular gaming tables continues.   My previous article discussed my final building stage of the project. I am finally at the fun part of the project.  Painting up all the pieces and getting them ready for the table top.

This update is mostly pictures, as I’m am just showing off the final stage of the process.  The first set of pictures will be my initial test piece I started and the stages of Drybrusing.



Completed piece




Up close pictures of some of different grass effects








The next piece is the pool I’ve been working on.  I was excited to work on this piece, as its always fun to work with water effects. The challenge is, I usually have to wait a day between layers of adding water effects. (it takes forever to dry)


I needed to get the bottom layer the color I wanted so when I filled with water effects, that it would look nice.




First layer of water effects





Added the 2nd layer of water effects with some flock between the layers to add a moss effect.



A few more layers of water and flock effects later



Some up close images







I have also completed a few more pieces.
















In  the next episode I will go through my final pieces, which include the Bell Tower and Crypt.

Author: Carnage4u

I have played Warmachine since 2004. Before that I have played warhammer fantasy for ten years, but I stopped playing Fantasy shortly after starting warmachine. I enjoy every aspect of the hobby. I love competive play, as well as just playing fun goofy lists on casual game night at our local game store. I also spent a good chunk of my free time working on making terrain for our events our local gamestores. I mainly play Skorne and Cryx, but I do own a small gatorman minion force that I have fun playing. Brian "carnage4u" Giese

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