Carnage4u’s Terrain Blog #3 (ruined city continued)

Ruined City Modular Board.


In my last terrain article, I discussed the Planning and preparation phase of this project.  This will be one of 2 posts to cover my building phase.   My first building phase will involve making 16 1ftx1ft modular pieces.


Building Phase

I started with a couple of test pieces first.    I was not initially sure how much of each piece should be covered in rubble/ruins. I wanted to make sure that warjacks/warbeasts could still move around the board.   I also wanted to find out how much weight the boards could handle.


I did learn I’m going to run out of mold # 75 first and it’s going to be a pain to constantly have to keep up with that mold.


Test Piece #1



I liked the piece, but it was a little too much..  My 2nd test piece I liked a lot more.  It has open lanes for models to move while offering cover in some spots, and still has some spots that will block line of sight.




At this point I was happy with the layout of the piece. I made a couple more, and put them all side by side to get an idea how they would look.  Each piece will only have some open lanes where models can move thru, and I want most pieces to have some terrain that will block line of site.  In addition I added some gravel and rubble to these pieces.

  •  I also like this picture because it show my work area when its somewhat clean.  When I was working on Piece #15, and #16 that table was a complete mess.


I was doing an experiment, mixing too types of blocks on the same piece as well.  I wanted to see how standard Hirst art blocks would look next to the fieldstone pieces. I was happy overall with the mixed look.




Now that I made a few pieces. I wanted to work on some specific pieces. I wanted to create a crypt piece and a ruined tower piece.  This is a fairly advanced piece to make, and I tried over a year ago, but some pieces didnt end up the way I wanted and I had to scrap the project.

The crypt is removable and can be replaced by a “ruined” crypt, or a different piece.


Base of the Crypt


Crypt Sections.  The main building will always come out, and I have yet to decide if I’m going to glue the roof on or not. I also have 2 different tombs (pictured on the side) that I can use.  I have to determine how much open space I want models to move through inside the crypt

I want this model to look good, but at the same time, I want to make sure models can move thru the terrain. If i block off too much space, the piece becomes harder to use.



All together ( I still haven’t decided how many pieces I will leave it on, once I complete painting it. )



Ruined Tower Pictures.  I wanted a couple different tower pieces within the ruined city.  Adding some taller buildings will help with the  “city feel”. The backside of this tower is where most of the damage will be shown.




Next week I will post the rest of the  pieces that I have built.  (and how they look all together on the table)   I am currently working on the painting stage, which will take me a few weeks to complete.






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