C.R.A Podcast Episode 1

Hi and Welcome to C.R.A a HordeMachine post from Manchester.  The line is Jason Enos, Jamie P, Kris Raynes and James Knight.  Jamie P is a well known Warmachine player wining tournaments on both sides of the pond with his Khador, Jason (Circle) and Kris (Menoth) are both WTC Team England members, Jason taking a place on the WTC selection panel for England in 2014.  Jimbo is a Skorne and Ret player currently under going a 80’s style Warmachine training montage with the other 3 chaps.

We had a Few problems with kit being stolen and other bits, so the audio is a bit scratchy in places but please stick with us for this week whilst we iron things out and get in a flow.

Please be aware that there is some swear and rude bits in this podcast.

Contact us on CRA@battlecryaudio.com


1:30 What The F-anory
6:50 Dojo
(17:40 Synergy)
(37:00 Meta)
44:00 Errata
53:25 Re-Dojo
1:10:00 Pro Tips


Author: C.R.A

The C.R.A Podcast!

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