Building the Masons – Tower

The next man out of the dugout for the Masons is Tower, who can actually be a better bodyguard than Brick, for half the size.


MOV – At 5”/8” Tower is one of the quicker Masons and can easily keep up with everyone else on the team.

TAC – 5 is average for most players, so nothing exciting to say other than he does like knocked down models a lot.

KICK – A 3/6” is pretty good. He makes a decent kicker of the ball; the bonuses from other Masons make this better still. Tower is an OK goal threat, but that 6” probably isn’t as high as needed be to be full-blown goal scoring maniac.

DEF – 3+ is once again the standard Masons defensive line. Nothing more to say really, he is pretty easy to hit so always remember Defensive Stance.

ARM – 2 Arm is standard for Masons it seems, which makes it pretty easy for him to shrug off big hits, even with his less than average DEF. As always, remember there are plenty of players out there that laugh at ARM, even at 2.

INF – The very standard 2/4 for Masons is present yet again. Deciding to max him out will very much depend on his position on the pitch and the terrain (see Plays). A few swings with his hammer can often get the job done nicely.

Character Traits

Knockback – This is a really interesting ability, as it essentially grants a push/dodge playbook result regardless of the actual results you get. Admittedly you can’t use it to redeploy Tower, but if he hits 4 times he’s pushed a model 4” out of the way, which is a big way of removing a threat from the anywhere on the board.

Floored – This trait grants +2 TAC when swinging against knocked down targets, putting his TAC into the captain level. With access to the likes of Brick, this condition should be easy to have in play a lot of the time.

Heroic Play

Protect Those Close – Friendly models that are within 2” of Tower can pass all damage on to him. Note this only affects damage, not effects/conditions, so he can’t be knocked down for them. It does mean the squishier team members are not going to be taken out, especially if Tower is at full health. A great use of this play is not only protecting models that have not activated yet, but also protects VP if someone is badly beat up and very close to going down. It also allows you more time to heal a model up during the turn, possibly saving the game for you. A desperate play but well worth remembering.


Tower has a great playbook, as he can easily generate Momentum because it all occurs in the first 3 columns. Just 1 hit will generate you Momentum! Easy access to a Momentous Tackle (at 2) is very nice to have on any model that has a reasonable KICK stat. His damage output isn’t huge, but he also has access to Knockdown (self-boosting himself). The repositioning possibilities on top of the Knockback trait means he is a better bulldozer than Brick in many cases, with possible 3” push and 1” dodge. Tower can easily free himself up for a kick at goal or another player.


Shutout – Costs 1 INF to activate and targets an enemy model. If the target model hasn’t activated yet they will have to activate last. Controlling the enemy activation order can be pretty powerful, as it allows you to better respond to possible threats; for example, a goal threat or Ox moving into the middle of your crew ready for the Legendary Play next turn.

Defend the Ground – Costs 1 INF to activate; you select a piece of terrain and any friendly models inside it may use Defensive Stance for free. This is an unusual ability as it is situationally useful depending on the table scenery. If nothing else, it is a good way to boost the team without spending precious MP.


Tower is a very effective defender, both for the team and the ball. He can hurt knocked down models while also ensuring the enemy have to really, really work to take out a model. Is he a goal scorer? I am not sure, knowing the range some players can threaten, but he can certainly get the ball where you want it to be.

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Author: Doc Bungle

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