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What can I say about Flint? Our charming out-and-out striker needs no introduction. He appears to be one of the few “ever presents” in my line-ups, and you’ll soon see why. As one of the game’s pure strikers he possesses all the key aspects to make him one of the best out there, if not the best.


MOV – With values just shy of Honour, at 5/8” Flint is still very mobile. He can outpace most of the players on the Butchers or Brewers teams, but will be caught by the Fishermen. His normal move of 5” isn’t fantastic, however the 8” Sprint is what you can expect to use most of the time, either in pure movement distance or charging.

TAC – A 4 isn’t fantastic, a certain angry cat shares this value, but it’s enough for what you need. Flint’s most important Playbook results are all really low scores, so on a Charge he’ll usually be able to pick up what he’s required to. While not his most important stat, TAC is the one he’ll use a fair amount in-game.

KICK – His dice pool of 3 isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s the distance of 8” that is the major value. A pool of 3 is normally enough to get the job done (especially if you use his Character Plays or Bonus Time it) and 8” is a good 2” more than most players in the game. This gives him a natural 16” goal threat without bonuses (he has those as well), which is fantastic no matter how you look at it.

DEF – A Striker who’s hit on a 3+? What’s the point of this, I hear you ask. Don’t worry though, against a vast majority of the players in the game he’ll only be hit on a 4+, and he has ARM that most others strikers do not.

ARM –1 ARM is more than most strikers have, which will protect him from some attack rolls. If Boar gets into him he’s going down though, he’s not that tanky.

INF – The rather standard 2/4 for Masons is ever-present again. Flint fills that nice role in early turns where he just needs to position well and he’ll be a net gain for the team, only requiring 1 to run or advance and Where’d They Go? into position. However, on the turns where he needs to turn it on in a similar fashion to Ronaldo, he’ll pull in all 4 he’s allowed and make damn good use of them.

Character Traits

Close Control – The skill all strikers want but only a few have. Close Control allows you to ignore the first tackle playbook result (just the playbook, if you are tackled as the result of a Character Play you’ll still lose the ball) suffered each turn. This means that for most opponents (even charging ones) they’ll need to spend an additional INF for yet an additional attack to strip the ball off of Flint. Any time you force your opponent to roll dice there is a chance they’ll fail the required roll, anytime they fail it’s for your benefit!

Charmed [Male] – Due to Flint’s … nature … with other male figures in this game he’s at +1Def against any attack made by them again him. Boar now hits on 4’s instead of 3’s. 5’s with Defensive Stance up. That 1 ARM you have doesn’t look as useless as it did a few minutes ago, now does it? Lucky for us that Flint is who is, ‘eh?


As I mentioned earlier, Flint’s playbook, while short, isn’t by any means weak. It contains all you want from a striker. A first result Momentous Tackle is the most important result in there, however the 2 hit Push & Dodge has won me games when failing to get to the 3 hit trigger for Where’d They Go?. He has a 1 damage (on 1 hit) and 2 damage (on 4 hits) in his playbook, but when you’re using Flint to deal damage, it’s either a certain thing or you’re desperate. Don’t worry though; against low DEF models without Tough Hide he can do 3 damage on a charge, 5 if buffed by Marbles.


Super Shot – This is the standout skill for making those kicks not only more accurate, but able to work at a longer range. For the cost of 1 INF you can gain an additional die on your kick, as well as 2” on any kicking range. This clearly has advantages during Flint’s activation, allowing you to increase his threat range on goal. However, as it’s a sustained skill it lasts though the round. Have Flint Sprint 8”, Dodge 4” and activate Super Shot. Now find a way to pass the ball (shouldn’t be that hard) to Flint and use the snap shot skill; you’ll be at 4 dice (5 if Bonus Timed) from 10”. Not bad at all, and you’ll still have a better than average chance of hitting the target.

Where’d They Go? – This is one of the more useful skills for a Striker to have. Being able to spend 1 INF for a 4” Dodge is massive. You can also trigger this skill by scoring 3 hits, something which isn’t too hard to do on a charge against the right targets; you’ll also generate Momentum to shoot. So, with 3 INF you can charge 8”, hit, generate the Momentum and the 4” dodge and shoot accurately from 8” away, 10” if you gave him 4 for the Super Shot. That’s a pretty good goal threat, isn’t it?


So there’s Flint, arguably the best striker in the game. He’s quick, has plenty of low Playbook scores which generate Momentum, has a 4” Dodge on tap, and Super Shot to boot! What more could you want?

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Author: Doc Bungle

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