Building the Masons – Brick

The big man of the Masons, Brick certainly hits like his namesake.


MOV – At 4”/6” Brick is slow, but he does come with a 2” Melee to make his threat larger. He needs to sit pretty central to the crew, keeping charge lanes open as we will see.

TAC – 5 is average for most players in Guild Ball, and he is no different.

KICK – At 1/6” he is rubbish with the ball, so you probably don’t want him doing too much with it (although Mallet’s Football Legend aura is always worth remembering).

DEF – 2+ is terrible, but also average for most big guys in the game. It is a liability, but you will just need to deal with. Always remember Defensive Stance to make him marginally harder to hit.

ARM – 2 Arm is very good, however you need to remember there are plenty of ways around it, so be careful who you pit Brick against. Certain Butcher builds will just ignore all that ARM, so his DEF becomes even worse when considering that.

INF – An unusual 2/3 means he is going to be average for generating INF, however he won’t get as much done as other team mates due to having one less max INF than most.

Character Traits

Knockback – This is a really interesting ability as it essentially grants a push/dodge playbook result, regardless of the actual result you get. Admittedly, you can’t use it to redeploy Brick, but if he hits 3 times that’s 3” he has pushed a model out of the way (another 1” if he got to Counter Charge as well).

Counter Charge – This trait is why you want him pretty central with clear charge lanes. Being able to counter charge an enemy that moves within his bubble makes Brick incredibly dangerous, especially as he has easy access to Knockdown! This can really mess up an opponent’s plans. Watch out for repositions (push/dodge) as he will just ignore this movement.


Brick only comes with 3 possible Momentous results, although these are all in the early columns of the playbook. He does a decent amount of damage at the higher end of the book as well, or you can swap some damage output for using his character play or Knockdown as well. This is pretty handy, as Brick can really smash home some big damage. Alternatively, if he has Counter Charged, then taking some INF off the enemy could be miles better than more damage. The Knockdown can’t be ignored either, as it can mess with the opponents just as well as Concussion. Always remember he has Knockback built-in as well (pushing a charging model out of engagement with the target wastes lots of INF).


Concussion – For the Cost of 5 hits he can take an INF off the opponent’s model. This can be incredibly effective if done on a charge, as he has a strong possibly of getting it off. In a game where resource management is very important, being able to remove that resource is very powerful.


Brick makes a great bodyguard for the Masons. As long as he can reach the entire team with Counter Charge, he will disrupt the enemy; just the threat of it could be enough. He suffers big man syndrome, being very easy to hit, but his ARM will protect him to a certain extent, at least against some teams. He will be pretty good at clearing lanes as well with Knockback, so use him as roving bulldozer. I should also mention you can’t Counter Charge while engaged.

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Author: Doc Bungle

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