BrunchMachine with MenothJohn – Darius vs. The Meat Mountain (Griss2)

Hey Everyone…here is another hot off the griddle serving of FRESH WMH action.

Today Zach is BACK and we play a game of TITANS ( know…actually using titans)

This is the last time we don’t use a clock. ¬†Promise.

Zach’s Darius Wrecking Crew Theme List:



Centurion (x2)



Sword Knights + UA (x2)


Journeyman Warcaster


MenothJohn’s version of Meat Mountain (cuz I don’t have two units of Warders)




Troll Moses

Full Warders

Full Champs


Full Krielstone + Elder

The Chronic


Swamp Gobbers


Hope you enjoy watching me derp around with Trolls!


Author: MenothJohn

Once upon a time, in 2008 I discovered the game of Warmachine because of The D6 Generation podcast and some discussions on the Fear the Boot podcast. After appearing on Guts and Gears at TempleCon 2010, I started, with Chris Miller, a little podcast called Lost Hemisphere Radio. For reasons that shall go nameless, I moved on from LHR and became a podcasting whore appearing from time to time on Chain Attack, Removed from Play, and the occasional lapse of judgement on Crippled System. I started PwMJ when I couldn't get a date for New Years Eve on Dec 31, 2012. I had so much fun I decided to make it a weekly show. I hope you like it and...JUDICATOR!! or RAHN!!! or WHATEVER!!!

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