Bringing the Retribution: All the Griffons!

In my last article, I talked about how EVyros really reverses Retributions game style and lets a lot of great units shine on the battlefield. In this article, I am going to talk about two E Vyros lists: one I built and one I didnt. They both show off the best of what E Vyros has to offer.

There is a lot of theory machine with E Vyros going on right now. Because he is a new caster and because he has such unique abilities, many of the old go-to models in Retribution just don’t fit with Vyros, causing people to expand outward more when it comes to list building.  With that in mind, I am going to start this article discussing one of the more interesting Vyros builds out there. I wanted to start with this list because I didn’t create it nor have I tested it.

Griffon Meme

The Griffon List:

Epic Vyros
-Aspis x2
-Griffon x7
Arcanist x2
Invictors Full w/ UA + Souless
Lanyssa Ryssa

No, your eyes do not deceive you, that is seven Griffons and two Aspis’.  This list was first constructed by PP user name Skillt  as know as Will P., who is a pretty well known (and good) player of Warmachine. The list, and some thoughts on it, are found in this BOLS Article.

Why so many Griffons? Well, the list is meant to take advantage of Synergy to its maximum potential. With this list, and assuming that every model under the spell hits, you can turn a Griffon into a Mat 13 Pow 20 (Pow 22 with concentrated power) beater (As pointed out by a helpful commenter, I actually only added up the seven Griffons in the list. He would actually be Mat 15 Pow 22 (Pow 24) at the end of the chain). That is impressive for any light jack, never mind one that has pathfinder and reach. The list can also gain a lot from Vyros feat turn. Since all the Griffons have pathfinder, you rarely need to use Easy Rider and with Deflection up ( Deflection only works on Warrior models. I read E Vyros card I swear). It becomes very difficult to shot one of these guys off the board. The Aspis are there to keep Vyros alive and are just handy in general because they can take such a beating while also adding to the Synergy chain when needed.

Now, we have seen spam lists before. Menoth players can take Ad-Raza with a bunch of Dervishes. But where as Ad-Raza doesn’t have a shirt on and thus can be killed fairly easily, Vyros came decked out in full plate mail. Vyros survivability makes the Griffon spam list much more viable. The Griffon is also a better light jack for this type of list then the Dervish. With this list, you can smash multiple heavies a turn and still have some Griffons left over to clean up infantry. There is too much armor for an opponent to effectively deal with. Even if your opponent does smash a few, all they are doing is creating more obstacles in the form of rough terrain.

There are some issues with this list for sure. Running all those jacks on six focus is not impossible but difficult. You have to know what you want to charge and what you want to walk up and smash. Laynssa and Arcanists help mitigate that to an extent. High defense enemies, like say a Def 14 Angelius, can also undo synergy. Sure you can boost the first hit to start the chain but even Mat 7 is no guarantee of hitting Def 14. As mentioned in the BOLS article, infantry weapon masters can lay waste to your Griffons pretty quickly. Finally, any sort of list that can move through stuff easily, such as stuff with beat back, can still create a pathway to your caster. Overall though, it is a good, not too crazy list though I just can’t handle the idea of getting seven of one type of light jack. So with that in mind, I went looking for a good alternative.


The Griffon: A Light Warjack Colossal Killer

The Griffon: A Light Warjack Colossal Killer

Epic Vyros

-Griffon x2

-Aspis x2


Arcanist x2

Destor Thane x2

Mage Hunter Assassin x2

Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Lanyssa Ryssa

Dawnguard Sentinels

-Officer & Standard


This list takes the ideas put forth by the seven Griffon spread but tones down the need for some many repeat models. The basic principle of the synergy chain is still intact with the two Griffons and two Aspis but instead of a maximum ramp up on the Griffons, we switch out for a Manticore. It can get an impressive POW, especially with the use of it’s strength booster.  Lanyssa Ryssa gives you the free charge like in the other list but Eiryss is added to help with pesky upkeeps. The assassins and Thanes present some extra threat vectors, especially with movement shenanigans from the feat, or clearing out charge lanes as needed. The Sentinels provide models for the feat and also a way to engage enemy infantry units.

Overall, this list worked well in the scenario and attrition game. It can still go gun-ho down the board allowing you to take control of a zone or objective early. I was also able to piece trade fairly well, especially in armies with relatively few heavies or hard to hit targets. The addition of the two utility tools of Lanyssa and Eiryss helps out when you need that perfect turn to give you a distinct advantage. The problems with the list are similar to the seven Griffons with a few extra issues of getting the most out of Synergy. If you miss an attack with nine jacks, its not game breaking. Missing with only five can mean the difference between a live and dead target. In the end though, I think the list maintains the principles of E Vyros as a caster and builds on what he does best. Again, I don’t want to take full credit as much of this list is distilled from Will P’s. But I think it’s a nice alternative for those of us on a budget.

There are a few other things I want to note before ending this article. First, I’d like to address Vyros’ feat, which I skipped over last article. I needed to get some games in before I decided what I wanted to say about this. This is mostly due to the fact that Vyros is a great caster with a situational feat. You can do a lot of things with it: maintain a jam line, block a charge lane, control or contest stuff, or setup an attack run on an exposed piece. However, every use of Vyros’ feat requires you to understand exactly what you are trying to do with it. You can’t just pop his feat and expect amazing things to happen. A good example of this is a game I had the other day. I popped feat and used some pieces to move forward, engaging my opponents models. The thought behind this was that I was keeping him from moving forward and getting into the zone. After I lost the game, it was pointed out to me that by moving my models forward, I was effectively giving my opponent more chances to kill my stuff. He didn’t need to get into the zone because I was not going to score enough points to win before he could clear out my army. Instead of engaging, I should have pulled my models back, allowing for a counter-charge if he tried to enter the zone. Knowing when and when not to pop Vyros’ feat is one of the hardest things about how to run Vyros. It takes some thought and, as I have found, some trail and error.

Finally, I want to talk about Vyros’ tier list. ‘Guardians of the Gate’ has some great tier bonuses and I am working on a few lists to see how they work. The main problem is that at this point, I am not sold on Destors as a unit. With the plus two SPD, you can send them screaming down the board. But with low DEF and low box count, your opponent will more than likely send them screaming down to hell.  Unyeilding is a great ability but since Destors do not have a constant reach weapon, it is very easy for your opponent to get around that ARM boost. In the end, I just feel that Destors are not worth their points even after the reduction from Tier 1. I have not played too many games with Destors, so expect me to come back in a month telling you all how amazing they are (probably not though)!

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