Bradigus: First Thoughts


When I originally started playing circle it was the wolds that drew me in, not the warpwolves. Sure, Baldur serves as a fix for a while, but eventually you need a change from stone Santa.

Then we found out circle was getting a wold caster…forced into wolds even. This was intriguing to me as I love all the rock golems (especially salt and pepper).

Recently the rules were spoiled for Bradigus and at first I had mixed opinions. When I first read Mystic wards incorrectly it blew me away, then I read it again…corner case. We had known for a while that he was going to get synergy, which is…amazing. In theory and on the table.

For list design I knew I was going to try and maximize synergy, so a huge battlegroup. Problem with that is that he can’t heal them, only repair, which requires him up there base to base, and also your fury tokens just vommit all over the table. Because he uses so much fury and has this healing problem, max stone boat is a no brainer.

Next I was going to need to include some synergy builders for my heavies. I decided to start with 4 watchers as they’re tough little guys, build synergy well, and synergize great with the feat due to their animus, while also bringing guns to the fight.

For heavies I initially turned to 2 wardens for rift spamming and a guardian to be the strong end to the synergy chain. The problem I quickly ran into was that the wardens just start at too low of a POW even after synergy to be truely effective at dealing with armour. Also I found that the frequency of my opponents bringing low arm troops that could be killed by rifts was almost nill. Low arm troops have been so hammered out of the meta that it didn’t seem effective to rift SPAM. I felt I could accomplish the destruction of a low arm unit with a single geomancer and Brad comtributing here and there. The rough terrain can be nice in some matches, but most opponents also bring pathfinder as it’s very important to have in any game, and I found the rough terrain being mitigated. Also ARM 18 on a warden is….bad. The guardian on the other hand performed fantastic…so let’s do more of the guardianing! More hard hitting guardians means that your hitting power can stay at a consistent level longer as you start to lose members of the synergy chain.

I didn’t want to lose a geomancer all together so I included Megalith who can hit about as hard as a guardian since he has an extra POW and FURY over a warden, while also being an extra ARM higher. He also removes damage from himself…pretty handy with that no healing thing we talked about earlier! Also there’s great synergy with the feat with Megs punching someone, animus for 1, slides back 5, then points and laughs at your opponent’s heavy while commenting as to the extreme weight of their mother and the things she is equal to or exceeds in size.

So far we have 2 pts left so I included a blackclad for hunters mark and the odd spray here and there.

So the list:

Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver – WB: +6
– Megalith – PC: 11
– Wold Guardian – PC: 9
– Wold Guardian – PC: 9
– Woldwatcher – PC: 5
– Woldwatcher – PC: 5
– Woldwatcher – PC: 5
– Woldwatcher – PC: 5

Blackclad Wayfarer – PC: 2

Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2
– Stone Keeper – Keeper 1
Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts:



My experience for the list is that it hits really hard, can take a decent punch, and is wildly unpredictable. My brain nearly explodes thinking about my options on feat turn. I can’t imagine what my opponent must think!

Tune in 2…ish…weeks from now when Bradigus Thorle, destroyer of all legion, subdues Abbey, daughter of losing to Brad, in a 50 pt fight to the death against a force controlled by JVM’s Canadian clone, the one and only Brynn Holdstock!
There will be blood, there will probably be minimal stone residue, there will be a battle report!

Author: Goromium

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