Board Game Spotlight: CLASH !!

**NOTE**  I’m posting this for a friend of the show.  It looks like a pretty interesting game and I think everyone should check it out !!  –PA


Board Game Spotlight: CLASH!

At the moment I have a project on up Kickstarter, it’s for the creation of a really fun steampunk fantasy card game me and my friends have been working on for the past 6 months called CLASH!
I’m trying to take all my favorite elements from different games(I play everything from lords of waterdeep, to warmahordes, to l5r, to king of Tokyo) and put them together into a board game
that’s strategically deep and challenging, while still being easy to learn and fun to play again and again.

In the game each player will play as either the brave Champion of Hope, or the wicked Herald of Fear, in a battle for a location. Sometimes it will be a physical battle, and sometimes it will be
about manipulating others to help you further your cause.

The game is an asymmetrical card game because the goals of the hero and villain shouldn’t always be a mirror match. We’ve carefully play tested and designed a system where the Herald of Fear
and his underlings try to destroy the location, while the Champion of Hope aims to stand in the way of evil, and protect innocence.

The way this mechanic works is that each game the Herald of Fear will try to destroy the city by discarding the unique 10 card setting deck, while the Champion of Hope aims to foil the schemes
of the Herald. What the Setting Deck allows us to do though, is add another variable to the game besides the individual characters and there 60 card decks. Each Setting Deck has a different
special ability that will add a fun twist to the game depending which is used.

With board games I don’t know about you, but I always love when a game comes with everything needed to play for two players. That’s why when designing this game we decided to include
everything needed to jump right in with a friend. Another interesting feature of CLASH! Is that the combat is dice based, making for some fun times when luck swings either direction.

If you’re interested in the game at all I’d recommend checking out the Kickstarter page, it has a game play video as well as a link to download the beta rules for free. You could really help
the project by just sharing it with one friend you think might like it, or even sharing it on facebook.

Thanks for all the support and feedback,
-Jared Barry

Author: museon

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