Beermachine – Episode #52

We had an amazing guest this week, Aaron Gordon Braaten, aka Aaron the Dream Maker. Aaron is the person who’s created the life size replicas of numerous Iron Kingdoms weapons, high class dice trays, and numerous other drool-worthy projects from wood.

Aaron sent us Swede Hill Distilling’s Cherry Moonshine, if you can get some, do it!

Courtesy of Tracy Carter, we got the chance to taste New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk – Bourbon Barrel Stout back to back with Mexican Spice Cake variant, courtesy of listener Jeff I hung out with at Adepticon!

Jeff was also gracious enough to send us Beer Barrel Bourbon: That’s right, a bottle of bourbon aged in white oak beer barrels, which was also from New Holland.

We had a four year old bottle of Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA from Andew not-Thomas!

We rounded out the evening with Hardywood’s Raspberry Stout, which I brought back from my trip to Richmond, Virginia.


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Author: sgt_easton

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