Beermachine – Episode #42 LOCKED AND LOADED!

Greetings Beermachiners, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! While we had a lot of great beers, please see the below GUEST LIST! As usual, all beers were described on the show.

The Infamous Brett Painter!

The Podfather Himself, Menoth John!

Sculpting Manager for Privateer Press Doug Hamilton!

Adam Oligschlaeger of Broken Egg Games!

Aaron Gordon Braaten, fabricator of amazing life-size reproductions of Iron Kingdom’s weaponry!

On behalf of the entire cast, please accept our sincerest thank you for making this possible. Listeners of the show, Kickstarter backers, Privateer Press, every single person that came up to us at Lock and Load and said hello, every person that’s ever given us a beer to taste and talk about on the show, and most importantly, the woman in the white sedan on the 405, who will forever be afraid of cars in the HOV lane that are loaded with gamers.


Rich / sgt_easton


Author: sgt_easton

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