Battle Report: Absylonia2 vs Bradigus!

Intial Thoughts:



Initially I feel really good going into this matchup.  Ive got some really great threat ranges and can certainly hit hard enough to deal with all the beef Gord is going to be bringing. The deathstalkers are primarily useless but have a decent use as road blocks, going first would certainly be preferred as it gives me an extra turn or two to pick a stone off.



Bradigus is about to square off against Abby2. Brynn has opted for a lot of beasts. Typical Legion shenanigans.

Abby has a great ability to alpha strike, and she can make her beasts hit harder, faster, and more accurately than normal. It’s okay though, cause I have a bunch of near auto hit slow wolds making 2 of those advantages wasted. It’s the perfect plan.

I know that in order to be successful in this game I’m going to have to get great mileage out of my feat so I can at least play the threat range game for a turn. Brynn having a mostly beast force is double edged for me. While he has next to no models to screen his beats allowing for more opportunities to apply synergized heavies into his key pieces, he also doesn’t have chaff readily available for me to build that synergy off of in the first place.

It’s going to be an interesting piece trading game, and I got first turn!


DSC05844       DSC05845


Turn 1!

Gord: Because the woldwatchers AD, I decided to just advance, stone form and animus (for the glorious cost of free), so as to not outpace the guardians who semi-hastily laboured to keep up. Love SPD 4. Brad cast synergy and charged forward confidently and shifting stones repositioned for a quite standard turn 1.


Brynn: Pretty simple turn most things run, shredder tenacities Abby. The Carnie spiny growths itself and charges forward, riles for one. Both Scytheans run up the board, not full distance as Gord has some very extreme threat ranges. Abby goes and Fortifies the Carnie, Spiny growths the left Scythean and camps two. Raek gets tenacity from the second shredder and sheperds take some fury to leave 4 on the board, then I pass the turn to Gord.


Turn 2!

Gord: So Brynn has moved his heavies up, seemingly aggressive and I think to myself that maybe I can kill 2. Shouldn’t be hard with the feat to get a good synergy chain going, with a finishing heavy on both scytheans. So let’s do it!

First off, one set of stones ports the guardian to a position that will allow it to slide into the unbuffed scythean near the forest, then the other set of stones ports Brad to my left towards a spot where he will need to be to start accumilating synergy and for the beasts to be in his control area. Next Brad activates and feats for 5″, he doesn’t slide much but thats ok because he is in a great spot right where he is. The guardian on my left slides into the sythean while the watchers, Megs and the other guardian also slide up.

Now to start on the synergy chain. A watcher gets a charge on the scythean that the guardian is engaging (*syn1*), another watcher charges the carnivean (*syn2*), another watcher charges a deathstalker and boosts to hit, hitting and killing it (*syn3*). Now the guardian engaging the scythean activates…MAT9, POW20, awww yiss. So the guardian 3 shots the scythean in proper fashion (*syn4*). Now Megalith can charge the scythean on my right that has spiny growth and with 4 synergy I hit on anything but snake eyes and am straight dice. A bunch of crap rolls and a snake eyes later the scythean is still there…not only is he still there but still has 4 HP…huh? What happened? I figure I better try to kill the scythean or it will just be healed and do massive damage, so my last watcher aims and takes a takes a shot at the scythean in melee, but it’s weight of stoned. Unfortunately I miss, hit Megalith, then roll 11 on damage…neither the watcher or Megalith are in my good books.

For the completion of the feat I slide back 2″ and pass the turn!


Brynn: Gord has some really horrible dice that left me with a barely alive scythean , had a good laugh about the dice but the key is that his feat is now gone and I have a significant threat advantage now. I contemplate a couple ideas but eventually make the decision to use my feat this turn to make sure I kill one guardian and the already slight wounded(from spiny) megalith.

Abby goes first and casts psycho surgery healing the raek and scythean, she then feats and casts slip stream moving to get the Carnie out of melee with a woldwatcher, she attacks the watcher doing a solid chunk of damage and siphoning the 2 focus it had on it before teleporting to a safer spot. Forsaken walks up and bombs 2 watcher and a guardian doing very minimal damage. The scythean then activates and rolls really good dice proceeding to kill megalith using only 1 fury, I definitely should have tried to maximize the scytheans positioning but under estimated the amount of damage it would do. Carnie charges the guardian that killed the right scythean and kills it and also does some damage to a few of the watchers. The shredders both advance a little and tenacity Abby and the Carnie to leave it at 12/21. The seraph then charges a watcher on the left side and proceeds to only do 9 damage using all its fury. The second forsaken takes the 4 fury off the Carnie and one of the shepherds flees to an abomination check from a forsaken.


Turn 3!

Gord: So I lost Megs, and a guardian, and a watcher….that sucks. But it was expected to take casualties after failing to kill a heavy. Brad upkeeps synergy and moves to start the synergy chain on a deathstalker, boost to hit, get it, its not snakes to kill….snakes. ugh. buy, boost dead (*syn1*).

Next one of my watchers that is maxed out on fury moves in to contribute to synergy on a tenacitied scythean, 6’s to hit, miss with both initials…my brain hurts. Another watcher is able to hit a raek in the back (*syn2*), then after a hunters mark on the heavily damaged scythean on my right I am able to finish it off with a synergy 2 watcher (*syn3*).

My guardian is currently out of a stone formation, but one set of stones ports a member from the other stones and voila! New triangle, complete with guardian. The guardian ports to the carnivean and at not snakes to hit and dice -1 (tenacity and fortify) The carnivean is alive on 2 boxes and theres nothing I can do about it…Had the watcher that missed his 6’s connected with one of those punches, the guardian would have done 5 more damage to the carnivean, over killing it. Time to take another turn of punishment from a heavy I wanted dead…


Brynn: Gord finishes off the already very damaged scythean and again due to some poordice(missing two 6s) leaves the carnie with a few boxes left, so I’m feeling fortunate and need to try and take advantage of it.

One of the shredders activates and tenacities the seraph and rabids to attack one of the watchers doing very little damage. The second forsaken then advance and bombs 2 watchers and the last guardian doing a few points of damage. Abby then psycho surgeries to heal the carnie to functional and fully heal the raek, she then charges the watcher in the left zone and kills it and ends camping 1 in the zone. The seraph then charges and kills the blackclad and the stone in the zone, thankfully , leaving it empty for Abby to dominate the zone for 2. The carnie then goes and with all its fury leaves the guardian at 1, the raek then activates and finishes the guardian off.


Turn 4!


Gord: It’s looking bad. I’ve lost my 3rd heavy and I’m down to 2 watchers, Brad, and my stones. But I have a sweet plan.

I upkeep synergy, my 2 watchers finish off the carnivean (*syn1&2*), and Brad gets ready to rock out. My shifting stones port Brad towards Abbey and he blinks into reality right on her doorstep…kind of. Ok, he’s about 2.5″ away from her, but a simple bop on the head of a shredder and Brad is staring at Abbey, face to face. Time to apply rock to face…Brad’s going to rock her face.

Thanks to Brad’s little buddies he’s at synergy 2, so MAT 8, POW 15, with 5 FURY burning a hole in his pocket. He will be hitting Abbey on 7s, and be dice -1 and she’s only on 1 fury. Piece of cake. Buy an attack…miss. Oops, that was a practice swing, we’re gonna get her this time. Buy, miss. Hit! Excellent, just gotta crank this roll…roll a 6. Not what we were hoping for…buy, miss, and buy, hit, but roll a 3.

Well…that was sweet? uhhh, go Brynn!


Brynn: Gord went for the assassination and ended up coming short, so it’s just a matter of making sure I  don’t screw it up! The shredder next to Bradigus frenzies and cranks him for a whopping 7 damage, then Abby charges him and one shots whats left of him!


Closing Thoughts:


Gord: So I wasn’t able to achieve victory on the frigid fields of Brynn’s basement gaming table. This was a winnable match up for sure, and I’m not entirely sure if I think one side had the advantage or not. I do know that Abbey having a conistent threat range advantage over the whole game was a big deal. There were obviously a few points where killing a heavy here or there instead of leaving it alive would have really helped, but in the end it was not to be.

I love playing games with Brad as he has an extremely dynamic feat and brings all the constructs I love and want to be able to play with. Brad is a caster who I believe will be able to reward high level play, and familiarity with his different tricks. I look forward to exploring him more and keep putting him on the table!


Brynn: The matchup is more interesting then I initially thought it would be, with stones and his feat Bradigus can send his battlegroup a long way, out threatening even my speedy list. With synergy he also has the ability to take heavies off the board fairly easily; I got a little lucky that Gords dice went cold on the turn he sent two heavies into mine. After his feat though the legion list greatly out threats him but the watchers are definitely hard to take out, they are way too beefy.

I think both these casters offer some really good options for their factions and I can’t wait to try out some different builds for Abby.




Author: Vynde

My name is Brynn, I live in Canada and have been playing Warmachine for a little over 3 years now. I love the community this game has and hope to help grow it.

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